Monday, September 28, 2009


Emma and Matthew were invited to a friends birthday party. The party was at a place called Kangaroos. It was this place with big inflated jumping things the kids could jump around on. Mr. Kangaroo decided to make his apperance and Emma was suprisingly very excited. I didn't think she would care much but she wanted to shake his hand and have her picture taken with him. I hardly saw Matthew becuase he was jumping his heart out.

As you can see his whole head was wet from sweat. He had a blast. It was a nice fun activity.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sarah's baptism

So its tradition now that we get a group family picture to go in a 3 set frame for the baptism child, a picture with the Bishop, and a picture with dad. We had technical difficulties at the baptism and didn't get all the picture we wanted. So the other pictures came later. We usually get one with the whole family with the kid in the white clothes. My batteries went dead and we only got one and that was with Tom's eyes half closed. That is one big thing I regret not having fresh batteries "just in case" and not going out and finding a baptism dress for her to wear in the water. They have a very limited selection at the church and they only had a jumper that swallowed her whole. But other than that it was an absolute wonderful day. We tagged on with another family in our ward and she thought of things that I didn't and she filled in the gaps and I was so grateful for that. The spirit was soooo strong. She came down stairs the morning of and was so excited. I said sarcastically what are you sooo excited about. And she said to me in a tone like I really had forgotten or something. Mooooommmm I am getting baptized today. What a wonderful day.
Sarah and Bishop Drewes

Sarah and Dad

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cougar Fans to the Core!!!!

So if you know us a little bit you know that Tom went to BYU and we are huge cougar fans. Well a once in a life time opportunity came up. They were playing Tulane down in New Orleans and Tom, Daniel, Aaron, and Nathan all went. When I first found tickets they wanted $100 bucks a ticket. There was no way. Well a couple of weeks went by and they had more reasonable prices. I would have love to have gone but I just felt like the younger kids were a little bit too young to take. So my family , Uncle John(our friend that we have become so close to the kids all call him Uncle John), Quinten and Kyle another couple of guys from a family in our ward all car pooled. They saw several other people from our ward. The Bishop and a few of his kids and he even saw a guy that he graduated BYU with was there too. This was a place they ate lunch before the game began. They raved about the food. It was just hamburgers and stuff but apparently it was the "best burger I have ever had" each one of the boys said.

This is the huge Y flag they run around before the game and every time they make a touch down.

Daniel saw Quinten decking himself out so he thought he would do the same. What spirit they have!!!

The boys were able to go to the bottom of the seats and actually slap the hands of the maskot Cosmo. They had soooo much fun. It was a wonderful experience for all my boys. They came home talking non stop and talking over eachother to tell me what had happened. They were so excited they didn't even realize they were talking over one another. I am so glad they had fun and that they were able to go together!!! GO COUGARS!!!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


That is one beautiful boy I have there. Well maybe beautiful is not the right word for a boy. He is completely and totally handsome!!!!! This was his before shot of his teeth. He was sooo nervous about getting braces once he was in the seat. He just didn't know what to expect so I think that is why. I have never had braces so I didn't know what to tell him. What I did tell him was that the Lord knows and he can help you through it. He said that he was just fine after a few minutes and with a silent prayer. I had no idea that he wanted me to be with him when they did it so I had planned to run an errand and had the two youngest with me and couldn't possibly stay because of them. He did just fine!!!

I told him I wanted an after shot and this is what he gave me silly boy.
This was not the smile he had on his face after they were put on. He was in lot of pain. He didn't eat for a whole day. And for him at this stage is big for him. But he is now use to them and has been back for them to put a new wire in. He says his mouth hurt for a few hours and that was it. I know at least one other kid for sure that will have to have braces. But for now its just Aaron. His teeth weren't so much crooked but apparently he has a huge over bite or under bite or something like that. Anyway my boy is growing up. Sad but exciting at the same time.