Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Post Surgery Get Together

So I was able to see some of my family that I haven't been able to in a long while after I had surgery. They thought that I might die or something so they decided since I didn't that they would come and see me. (said with sarcasm but in reality the Lord blessed me greatly. And with that I was aloud to stay here with my family) My sister Carla and her son Everett and Chloe(not pictured at top) are staying with my mom while her husband is working. My Grandpa came and was able to give me a wonderful blessing.
My cousin Brian, whom I just adore. We became much closer after my Grandmother died. I was so glad that he came and we were able to visit. I long for him to be happy and realize that he is just one awesome guy and the Lord knows that about him. We are missing a picture of my Aunt who was actually there too.
My niece Isabel celebrated her birthday while we were together and she asked me if I would come with her to American Girl store. She picked out this cute doll that looked so much like her. I felt so honored that she asked me to come. The only adult girl we were missing was my sister Marie. We were missing obviously my family but during this time I was staying with my mom still recovering from the surgery. I am so grateful for all of my family. Some of us are scattered all over and that is hard but I am still so grateful for family and the part that they play in my life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Splash Pad

Well everything that I have wanted to do with pictures and text is not working out. I have never had this much trouble getting a post posted. Anyway so if things are weird just ignore it. We went to the new splash pad last week. It was really nice. I didn't know that they were planning on having a splash pad at this park. It is a very nice park for the kids to play at. This was such a nice way to cool off. I never could get a good picture of Matthew without him wiping his eyes.
Daniel said he didn't want to get in the splash pad before we left the house but I told him he must wear his swimsuit just incase he changed his mind. I knew that he would like it and he had a blast along with everyone else.

Eliza was very apprehensive at first but once I got wet she was okay with it. She didn't like getting hit in the face with the water but she got use to it.
I love this picture even though its blurry. I would love to know how to be able to capture the water clearly and then her head blurry. I need someone to teach me some basic photography skills so that I can have awesome pictures instead of just okay pictures. Any suggestions? Allison, Melissa, anyone else with photography skills?
I just realize I don't have one of Aaron.There is always someone that I dont' get a picture of. The girls are with my brother and sister in law and I am hoping to see some pictures of all the fun things they are doing soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sweet picx of sweet babes

She loves feeling like a big girl and getting up to the computer. She usually creates for of a mess than she is productive however.
How handsome are these two?? I love watching my boys play together.
What is better on a hot summer day after you have sweated like crazy cleaning up scraps from the freshly cut hedges??? I don't think that you can beat a good popsicle.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hair Cut or No Hair Cut

When I got home from my little surgery outing, I came back to some changes in my children. Well you would think they would be clinging and just down right irritable since their mother was gone for almost a month and then in the hospital her in town away from them for probably 2 weeks. But no the changes I am talking about is their hair. Emma got hers cut really short. I don't think the pictures do her justice. The back is just adorable. And its so her.

And Aaron well I thought he was the new shaggy dog. Let me give you a little backgroud info. He expressed the desire to grow his hair out a while back and I finally gave in and said as long as I can see your eyes and ears then we are good. Well he has now let it grow and I am not sure if I like it. The more I see it the more I think its okay. He is a good kid and I am not having to deal with much attitude from him or drugs or an other bad approaching teenage-hood idis. But as you can tell it is over the ears and that is what I hate the most about it.
So you tell me adorable or shaggy dog?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Summer Fun

So the first thing that we did when I came home from TN was celebrate Nathan's birthday. I called him on his birthday and asked how he felt and he practically yelled through the phone, "MOm double digits, I am finally double digits!!!!!" I didn't' realize he was THAt excited about it.
So for a very long time I had been serching for a board that could keep his puzzles on that he loves doing. I found this one in TN at a hobby shop and I was just so excited about it. He loves it. And it was half the price that I could have paid to get one from London(the only place I have found one around)
My mother in law got the kids a coupld of fun water pool things to play in while I was gone and we spent time outside together just hanging out. I got some fun pictures of the kids playing.

I am so glad to be home and with my family I have really enjoyed watching them and just taking them in. What summer family fun things do you enjoy???

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wonderful Blessings

I don't have pictures to post and I have been pretty been out of it for months and months. And it is a little overwhelming to think of backtracking but I will just say that I am doing sooo much better. Some know of the situation and some may not. I had surgery in TN and spent almost a month recooping at my sisters before coming home. I had 8 inches of my intestine cut out and a blockage the size of a softball cut out as well. I have had many things that I have learned through this long long trial. It has worked up to this since November of last year. I would not want to have anyone else go through it nor do I want to go back and do it again but I have learned an aweful lot. I can now eat(I am still scared with many things but...) I can eat and eat without throwing up every day!!! There have been sooooo many wonderful people that have helped us through this trial. OUr big family has really been through a lot and it will take time for all of us to adjust again but we are a family and will be stronger for this. So having said that my goal is to get back to my normal. Which includes keeping up with everyone and the blogs. Also blogging my self.