Saturday, August 29, 2009

A friends visit

Nathan, Aaron, NOah, Lilly, Sarah, Emma, Eliza, Kendra, Matthew, and Daniel
We lived in Kenai for 5 years and the Green's were some friends that we had while we were there. They had been to Destin for vacation and were going back home and came by to see us. Kenai we made such wonderful memories and had such wonderful times and the Green's were part of that. They moved out of state the same summer we did. I think I can say for both of us that we certianly do miss Kenai and the awesome friends we made.

Tim, Stef, me, and Tom

Friday, August 21, 2009

Explorium Day

Building a Body out of many parts.....

Doing cool science experiments.....

Building your own roller coaster rides..... are all just a few things we did at the Mobile explorium.
Daniel was the only one who didn't get to do something fun this summer so I asked him what he wanted to do and we would do it. He chose to go to the explorium. He loves that place. We are going to get a family memebership so that we can go anytime we want. They have various different exhibits throughout the year. If you follow us you might remember him going there with Tom on his birthday a couple of years ago. I had picture of them with their heads on platters and apples in their mouths like pump pigs. Just a fun thing to do when you have nothing else to do. What do you do with your family when you have nothing else to do?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun Date

I am not sure how many people know that I was in marching band all throughout high school. I loved it. My junior and senior year I was drum major(the one whole conducted the whole band) I had a blast doing it. A thrill of performing, chills when you play a piece with great emotion, tears when you make a score not as high as you had hoped for, joy in the adrenaline you feel just before you step on the field. OH man it was fun. Well here in the south it is an understatement to say that both football and band are big. In fact they are building a new high school and guess what are the biggest places of the school, the field and the band room. They had about 8 bands come from all over the place to compete. They don't compete against each other really it more against themselves. They want to get the best marks to be given. It was hot and sticky but we went and totally enjoyed ourselves. No one else wanted to go except for Aaron. He had fun. I had so much fun screaming for band. I liked that I ripped a muscle. I was still healing from the surgery.

This picture below was one of the bands we saw as we were parking. They went all over the place to practice. I can't remember now what they called them but they didn't have any woodwinds. It was only brass and drum section, and flag core. NOw I have two kids who are following in my footsteps a bit. Both are playing clarinet. The best instrument around!!!!! Although I really wish I would have tried to play oboe after I got the clarinet down. I wanted to play both.

If we are friends on facebook go and see the band picture. I am sitting dead center of the whole band. If not I have to figure out how to get the picture from there to here.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cool Resturant

I know that some of my southern blog followers will know where this is at but what about my northern- Alaskan blogger friends?

If you guessed Cracker Barrel you would be right-y-o!!! I really like this restaurant. We went there after our fun little trip to the beach. This is a place that serves southern home cooking. It doesn't seem like restaurant food. It seems like you are eating at grandmas house and she has just served you some fried chicken and fried okra. Then there is the little store that you walk through to get to your table. Its got lots of old timie things that you can't find just any where. Old fashion candy and huge sets of checkers. My kids love it. This place sells rocking chairs that southerners would have on their porches and if you want to take a load off then you sit. Everyone sits out there waiting for the rest of the family to show up or in our case so they can wait on mom to pay the bill.
This was not my first time eating there but it was my first time bringing the camera there so thus the blog post about it. The kids love this place too. As you can see we are all pink from our day at the beach.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gulf Shores Beach

What a blast!!!! I love the sand in my hands and the thrill that the waves give us. I love watching my babies run with joy when a wave crashed on their legs and even when a couple of my babies run with fright when the waves come crashing at their legs. I have a couple who stay on the shore most of the time building sand castles and then I have some that never come out of the water unless we are leaving. I had one who layed in the sand trying to find sea shells.
We weren't even sure if we were going to be able to play at the beach because of the rain. We had alternate plans if that was the case but we got there and it really was the best time to be there. Lots of people left because it had rained and the clouds were still all around and so we spent most of our time not in the direct sun.
The only thing I don't like about the beach is the fright I have as a mother over the possibility of my babies drowing. Or the pain we feel on the drive home as the sun burn gets a little worse. Or the sand that gets in every nook and cranny.
This is the only picture I got of all kids most of them were in the water the whole time so its hard to get pictures of them.
What an awesome day we had. And isn't that the most beautiful family you ever did see????