Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun Date

I am not sure how many people know that I was in marching band all throughout high school. I loved it. My junior and senior year I was drum major(the one whole conducted the whole band) I had a blast doing it. A thrill of performing, chills when you play a piece with great emotion, tears when you make a score not as high as you had hoped for, joy in the adrenaline you feel just before you step on the field. OH man it was fun. Well here in the south it is an understatement to say that both football and band are big. In fact they are building a new high school and guess what are the biggest places of the school, the field and the band room. They had about 8 bands come from all over the place to compete. They don't compete against each other really it more against themselves. They want to get the best marks to be given. It was hot and sticky but we went and totally enjoyed ourselves. No one else wanted to go except for Aaron. He had fun. I had so much fun screaming for band. I liked that I ripped a muscle. I was still healing from the surgery.

This picture below was one of the bands we saw as we were parking. They went all over the place to practice. I can't remember now what they called them but they didn't have any woodwinds. It was only brass and drum section, and flag core. NOw I have two kids who are following in my footsteps a bit. Both are playing clarinet. The best instrument around!!!!! Although I really wish I would have tried to play oboe after I got the clarinet down. I wanted to play both.

If we are friends on facebook go and see the band picture. I am sitting dead center of the whole band. If not I have to figure out how to get the picture from there to here.


Tim & Erica said...

Hey girly,
I do not know why I have not looked up you blog until now. CRAZY me ;0) I was not in band but I would have loved to be a drum major. Glad you had a fantastic time.

Dana said...

YOu've got to put me on your list of blog people. Come to think of it I have seen a list of other blogs on yous. I realized the other day that you were on fb and not working out. I asked Allison about it and she said I should have given you a hard time. So what in the world are you doing skipping workouts?

Wendy said...

My oldest sister was in a marching band and always wants to see band compatetions(sp?)!!!

Cristin@ Serendipity said...

Looks like a fun mom/son date with Aaron!

The Longnecker Zoo said...

WIsh I could have joined the date...oh the fun times that these things bring back to my mind. Ahh. Fun fun!