Saturday, June 26, 2010


Okay I know its been a while since I have posted and I completely blame... MY CAMERA
I would rather post with pictures and since my camera has been on the fritz I haven't been able to post anything. This one is mainly for my family. I have gotten everything painted finally in my house and just wanted to show them. I am what you would say decorator challenged. Anything that has to do with decorating, I don't do well. Most of my pictures that are hung are hung because of my oh so talented mother and sisters. They just have an eye for stuff like that.

This is the girls' room. They are now in what was the old boys' room. Its pretty big and the girls couldn't come to a good agreement on color so I did half the room a light pink(Emma's favorite) and the other half in a light purple(Sarah's favorite). Leighanna brought up a bedroom set(shelves,bedspreds,sheets, pillows,) last year that a friend of hers was getting rid of. This is the only room in the house that has curtains.

This one is Daniel and Matthew's room. I painted this with the same color as the kids' bathroom. Its not as dark in the picture. Its pretty dark and is perfect for Daniel. He is rough on everything. Including his walls!!! Those dressers are the ones we got in Alaska, I painted them black.
Okay this is my bathroom. The pictures don't do it justice. YOu remember the first room when you come up the stairs?? That is the same green I used on my bathroom. It matches my bedspread to a T!!!!!!

I did these stretch frames myself. It was actually pretty fun. THe only thing I wished after I got them up was that I had made them more square instead of rectangle. I couldn't find exactly the kind of fabric I wanted but I do like this fabric.
Okay this is the butt ugly lamp. I was planning on just replacing the lamp shade but after I got it home I realized it doesn't come off. I thought of recovering it but my sister said she did that with one and it was a nightmare and she can transform anything.
This is some of the furniture in my bedroom. All from IKEA!!!
Tom's dresser. LOVE IT!!! If you scroll in closely you will find a huge scratch mark. Guess who? Yep one of the kids. Go figure. We didn't even have it that long and it got scratched.
My sister painted all my bedroom and hung the beautiful mirror when I was super sick. SHe came to help out and she is so good at this I asked her to do my room. The nightstands are from IKEA as well!!!
Okay after 4 I finally got the sitting room painted. Its cream like the main walls. I changed things around a bit and now it feels a bit open. Thank goodness!!! The picture my sister and mom hung.

This picture I hung. It hung in my Grandmother's house. And my grandfather recently remarried and she did some remodeling. I am so grateful I took this. It is just beautiful there and it fills the room out just nicely.
So just a little side note. I was almost done getting this sitting room put back together this morning as I found marker marks over some of the other walls in the family room. I was sooooooooooooo mad. I wanted to just beat her butt. I yelled really good and made her clean it up. I am going to have to paint over them now cause they wouldn't come off the wall. I didn't have any magic erasers at the time so they sat on the wall till this afternoon and now they won't come off. GRRRRRR I felt like I am trying so hard to make my house look nice now that I feel good and here she goes as I am working and marks over everything. I will paint soon just so that I am not mad anymore.