Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boys and their toys

We went to the park last night and had dinner.
Unfortunately the gnats were out trying to eat
my little baby so I stayed mostly in the car. They were having so much fun I wanted to be out their with them but I did capture a couple of videos. I even caught Tom "playing" too. I have to admit the new equipment they had did look fun. They have had alot of old stuff their it wasn't much fun.It was a good family night even though I was in the car for most of it. I still got to watch them having fun.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nice to be young

I just had to show you all these pictures. Isn't it so nice to be young. I never realized that he did this until Tom came home and had taken a picture of him like this. I was actually asleep myself on the couch and he just zonked out. If I did this I would have to have constant chiropractor therapy and maybe even surgery on some disk or something like that. But no he was just fine and acted like he got a good nap afterwards.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Monster Plant

We have this pumpkin plant that Tom got from Lowe's one day and we thought we would just try it out. This sucker has taken on a life of its own-really. This thing has grown so fast we are not sure what to do. We have finally put it outside and hope that bugs don't kill it off. This pumpkin plant has now(as seen in Picture #2) started wrapping itself around the blinds and the string to the blinds. We have never really gardened and so we are trying to start out slowly and teach ourselves how its done. But if everything grew like this plant we would have no problems. I have had a couple of gardens but none have been too successful. So we are trying.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Always check your oven!!!

A little word of advice(and I can't believe that I haven't had to learn this lesson until now) Always Always check inside the oven BEFORE you preheat it to see what kind of little good prizes or treats you might find awaiting for you. Today I found this (a case to my one and only nice knife that I own) and a dish rag that could have caught fire at any moment. I think I know who the little culprit to this treat might be but we won't name any names. We love the little him though even though he almost caused catastrophic results to an innocent dinner. The tongs were the innocent bystander as well. They were used to get the burning plastic out of the oven with out burning my hands.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Reminder

I am just giving myself a little reminder of how sweet Eliza really is. Yesterday was a hell of a day with her crying all day long and not sleeping except for one tiny little nap. She is a relatively happy baby and getting happier the older she gets but yesterday something was wrong because she cried all day long. I don't know if she is trying to get my milk supply up or what but I am just praying that today goes better. I have a very busy day today and it would make for even more misery if she acted the same as yesterday. She really is a sweet little girl!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cool little thing to do
A- Attached or Single? Attached
B- Best Friend? Tom and family
C- Cake or Pie? Cake for sure I have never been a pie person
D- Day of Choice? Anyday Tom has off work
E - Essential Item? a pacifier and the baby wrap (that is all I can think of right now)
F- Favorite Color? Green and Yellow
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Gummy Worms
H- Hometown? well I would say Georgia
I- Indulgences? blogging and emailing
J- January or July? Well depends, if we can swim its July if we are tired of the hot heat then its January
K- Kids? Are you kidding me? who could not want kids? I have 7
L- Life isn’t complete without? family,church, Heavenly Father
M- Marriage Date? September 29th
N- Number of Brothers and Sisters? 1 brother 3 sisters
O- Oranges or Apples? Orange juice but actual apples
P- Phobia’s or Fears? digging stuff out of the disposal that shouldn't be there and going over bridges that have water underneath them.
Q- Quote? Life is to be enjoyed not just endured-President Hinkley
R- Reason to Smile? we are healthy and my babies make me smile
S- Season of Choice? Fall and Spring
T- Tag: anyone who wants to do it
U- Unknown fact about us? I was drum major in High School
V- Vegetable?broccoli
W - Worst Habit? sweeping up dirt then leaving it there (that started when I was pregnant and has become a nasty habit)
X- X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound, I guess - it is usually done for a good reason, while the other is done for a bad one
Y- Your favorite Food? I love Italian Food
Z- Zodiac Sign? I think its a Leo I don't really keep up with stuff like that

Random Picts.

The kids started playing with the camera at Daniel's play. This is what they took.

Goofy Nathan
Toothless Sarah
Sweet Emma

Mom and Eliza and Matthew in background

Monday, April 14, 2008

Eliza one month old

Eliza is one month old. Well I guess actually she is now 5 weeks old but still. She is just the cutest 5 week old that you ever did see right? Hey by the way for those of you wondering we got Daniel a new pair of shoes and he went from having a size 5 to a size 7. I really think that its the kind of shoe because he can still fit into his church size 5 shoe just fine. But just the fact that I had to pay more money for the shoe and the fact that he is so close to wearing a man's size shoe is just sicking!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mom, I need new shoes

Mom, I need new shoes, Daniel says. Why? I have a hole in them. Well you know what babe, school is almost over you can just wear them with a little hole until then. WE can get you new ones for school next year. (the kids either go barefoot or wear flip flops all summer) Okay he says. This is what I find a couple of mornings later while he was waiting for the bus. That is no little hole and I felt bad for telling him he would have to wait. This is grounds for new shoes for sure. His toe is just about completely out of his shoe the hole is so big. I asked him if anyone had made fun of him for his shoe and he said no. But still I felt like a bad mother. Sending my kid off with half a shoe is just about considered neglect right???

Daniel;s 4th grade play

Hope that you can hear it because it was a little hard for us to hear. Notice the kid next to him with his "cheat notes "on the hand. It was the same old play that Aaron's class did last year but I am really glad we went. It was new for Daniel and he was so proud of himself. That makes dragging 7 kids out with Dad being at work, worth the struggle. And actually they were really pretty good.

Sorry for the unsteady hand on this one. I think I might have been trying to discipline kids at the same time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh my Matthew

This is Matthew my little brute #6 child and fourth boy in the line of kids. He is so big and alllllllllllll boy. He loves any ball around and truck and train around. He has an obsession with Thomas the Train and balls in general. For the most part they are all baseballs. It doesn't' matter how many times we correct him it is still a baseball. He could spend all day putting together train tracks and pushing trains around on that track. He can't stand being alone. I don't think he has ever been alone in his whole life. He loves food. Especially hot dogs. He would eat a whole package by himself if it were allowed. How gross is that??!!! He loves to help clean up and participate anything that the big kids are doing. He is strong willed and when he gets an idea in his head he can't seem to get rid of it. He will come back to that thought no matter how much punishment is dolled out. He loves to help with the baby and loves holding her all the time. Even if she is crying. He is a sweet fun boy and he can crack us up so much. He thinks he is one of the big boys but he is sad for him to say my little boy.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Emma my grown little girl

Emma Lou is my #5 child and my second girl in the bunch. She is such a sweet little mama. She loves babies and basically anyone that is younger than her. She loves to help with babies and has been such a big help to me. He loves to make Matthew happy and give him anything he wants. Even if it means going against something I have said he can have or do. She can't wait for Kindergarten this next school year. She is true blue girl through and through. She loves shopping, makeup, getting her nails done, jewelry and anything that you would think that girls love. She is another one of my eats like a bird kid. I wonder at times how long one kid can go without eating. She loves eating healthy. She often asks is this healthy mom? Yes. Yessssss is her reply. Like she just accomplished something totally awesome. (I wish I had that mentality) She certainly loves junk food too though. She has such confidence in herself it is a bit scary sometimes. She said once mom, why were all the kids looking at me? I don't know honey. It must be because I am so cute she says. We had her kindergarten shots done and the doc asked her all kids of things and we spent 30 minutes just with Emma talking her ear off about various things. She has a sense of ease with adults but can play well with children her own age as well.
I have come accustomed to having her help me so much more since the baby came I don't know how I will manage without her when she goes to school. She is a little sweetie. She thinks she is my grown Emma when she really is my little girl Emma.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mrs. Sarah

Sarah is #4 in the line of kids that came to our family and the first girl. What can I say about Sarah. She is the one child that has taught me so much patience. I am sure that every mother has to learn that as a parent and I have learned it having her. She is a fun loving little girl. She is very photogenic and I love taking pictures of her. When she is determined to do something she does it with all of her will. When she wants to do the kitchen the right way then let me tell you that kitchen shines better than when any other kid has the kitchen to clean. She is such a good little babysitter we discovered. She is more attentive to any baby around than my 11 year old is. When my sister was here and she had her twins she proved to be very good at keeping even two happy at the same time. She values her free agency and I know that no one can make her do anything she doesn't want to do. As long as we can get her on the right path then she will be fabulous. She loves to dance and sing and is really good at both of those. I really want to get her into some kind of dance class- she would love it!! She is not usually affectionate but when she is it is so nice. We really connect most when we have one on one dates with her. She actually tends to be more quiet one on one but is fun to be around. She is my little girl and I love her.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My sensitive Nathan

Nathan is my very complex child. He has sooo many personalities. He is sweet and loving and then he is loud and ferocious. He absolutely loves doing puzzles. He gets so discouraged when Matthew won't leave his puzzles along. Poor kid. There really isn't a good place for him to disappear into his puzzles like he wants to. He loves learning new things. He is in Connections at school which gives him more of an opportunity to learn at his pace and learn things they wouldn't normally get a chance to on a regular basis. He recently did a presentation of birds and he came home telling us all about the birds he had learned about. He is a very sensitive child. He is in the middle so we find him crying about things that hurt him to his very core and we don't know how to help him feel better. He is loud and can't be still sometimes. He doesn't understand sometimes the term "personal space" but in reality is asking for just a hug but doesn't want to admit it. He loves to be in the kitchen with me and is set to learn how to make something new. He says he is thinking about becoming a chef. I encourage him but deep down hope he finds a better money making career. (Unless he can become the next Emeril then thats okay) He is a good kid and I never worry about him getting into trouble at school and that in itself takes a load of my back. He loves to draw and make new things. He has changed so much it seems physically. And thats our sweet sensitive Nathan

Friday, April 4, 2008

Aaron bodaron

Aaron is my oldest and thus usually the most responsible. He is very loving and kind. He takes care of the young ones around him even though its not the cool thing to do. He is changing so much right now its just crazy. We have seen him try to "pull away" to show his independence. He is at that age that Primary is no longer cool and he is itching to get to YOung Mens. He loves Lemon yogurt and always has for as long as I can remember. He eats like a bird. He loves history and anything having to do with mythology. He loves having a scout leader who really puts his all into scouts. He went on a 22 mile bike ride a couple of weekends ago and loved it. He has several more bike rides to pass off a requirement and can't wait for those. I don't know if he loves scouts because its scouts or if it means that he is growing up and will be in Young Men's soon. He has in the past been very affectionate but as of late is acting like that is too young for him. It makes me sad but I see the wisdom in slowly pulling away from mom and dad because we couldn't handle all at once. We surely would die!!! I am so concerned for all of my children. We are constantly having to talk about things that kids at school tell them. I wonder if we are doing any good sometimes. It seems as though we are constantly bombarded no matter which way we turn. He truly is a good kid though and deep in my heart I feel he will be all right.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My quiet Daniel

My Daniel seems to be nonexistent these days. He already is so quiet and does his own thing that with the new baby I see him even less. Daniel is a stick to himself kinda guy. You never know where he is or what he is doing unless you really piss him off then he yells and its loud. That is pretty rare. That is so different from the kid that was in 1st grade. He was always so angry and hurt his siblings so much. It really is amazing what time and maturity can do to a kid. He loves to read and at times I have to take the book away to get chores done. I have countless times "caught" him in the closet eyes glued to his new book. He is a big lovable teddy bear. He was holding Eliza one day and looked pretty uncomfortable and she was crying and Sarah said Daniel pick her up and pat her back or sing to her. I said yeah thats a good idea Daniel. He said she is just so little mom I am afraid I am going to hurt her. He loves to be tickled. All our kids love tickle time but he enjoys it the most. He is like his Uncle Tim you have to be careful when you tickle because he could really hurt you when he is not even trying. He is a good kid. My goal is to take more pictures of the older kids because they seem to not get it as much because they are all off doing their own thing and aren't so much in your face all the time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Cousins= FUN!!!!! Anytime we get together with cousins, weather there are more boys(Porritt's) or weather there are more girls(Bond's) We always have fun. We usually know just the right amount of time that we can spend together before the newness of cousins wears off and kids start acting like siblings and start to fight. I just wish we could have both Porritt's and Bond's together. Best of both worlds right?!!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fun at the beach

I thought that this top picture was going to be good but I realized I cut Emma's head off. Its still cute anyway. The kids always have fun at the beach. The only bad part is that you always end up with sand in your car. But in the end I think that its worth it to experience the beach.