Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Reminder

I am just giving myself a little reminder of how sweet Eliza really is. Yesterday was a hell of a day with her crying all day long and not sleeping except for one tiny little nap. She is a relatively happy baby and getting happier the older she gets but yesterday something was wrong because she cried all day long. I don't know if she is trying to get my milk supply up or what but I am just praying that today goes better. I have a very busy day today and it would make for even more misery if she acted the same as yesterday. She really is a sweet little girl!!!!


The Longnecker Zoo said...

What a sweet picture. She is a sweet girl. Those days are rough. I feel for you, just having one of my own like that. But she is a great baby on a whole and what a blessing she is to you and your family. I could just kiss on those cheeks right now.

Angeline and Matt said...

She looks so cuddly, and your so lucky to have 3 girls now! Can you belive that? I'm so jeoulous, were giving it one more try and I think I'll cry if we don't get one more...your very fortunate indeed to have such a cutie!

Sydney said...

what a cutie - sorry such a rotten day -