Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Emma my grown little girl

Emma Lou is my #5 child and my second girl in the bunch. She is such a sweet little mama. She loves babies and basically anyone that is younger than her. She loves to help with babies and has been such a big help to me. He loves to make Matthew happy and give him anything he wants. Even if it means going against something I have said he can have or do. She can't wait for Kindergarten this next school year. She is true blue girl through and through. She loves shopping, makeup, getting her nails done, jewelry and anything that you would think that girls love. She is another one of my eats like a bird kid. I wonder at times how long one kid can go without eating. She loves eating healthy. She often asks is this healthy mom? Yes. Yessssss is her reply. Like she just accomplished something totally awesome. (I wish I had that mentality) She certainly loves junk food too though. She has such confidence in herself it is a bit scary sometimes. She said once mom, why were all the kids looking at me? I don't know honey. It must be because I am so cute she says. We had her kindergarten shots done and the doc asked her all kids of things and we spent 30 minutes just with Emma talking her ear off about various things. She has a sense of ease with adults but can play well with children her own age as well.
I have come accustomed to having her help me so much more since the baby came I don't know how I will manage without her when she goes to school. She is a little sweetie. She thinks she is my grown Emma when she really is my little girl Emma.


Leighanna said...

Hey Dana- I love hearing about all you kiddos. As for the tag, you can highlight the whole post and hit (CTRL + C), then create a new post in your blog, put cursor in the posting area and hit (CTRL + V). It will copy my post to yours- then you can delete my answers and enter your own! :o)

Sydney said...

Oh yeah she is a cutie - I love you Emma

The Longnecker Zoo said...

My sweet Emma Lou...I love that nickname. She is a sweet girl. She has a beacon that goes off when I am putting on my makeup. I love it too. I can always count on her showing up just in time for the eyeshadow. She is a great little Mama! I can imagine her being a mother of many!