Friday, April 11, 2008

Mom, I need new shoes

Mom, I need new shoes, Daniel says. Why? I have a hole in them. Well you know what babe, school is almost over you can just wear them with a little hole until then. WE can get you new ones for school next year. (the kids either go barefoot or wear flip flops all summer) Okay he says. This is what I find a couple of mornings later while he was waiting for the bus. That is no little hole and I felt bad for telling him he would have to wait. This is grounds for new shoes for sure. His toe is just about completely out of his shoe the hole is so big. I asked him if anyone had made fun of him for his shoe and he said no. But still I felt like a bad mother. Sending my kid off with half a shoe is just about considered neglect right???


The Longnecker Zoo said...

Daniel, You are such a good boy! Not complaining about something big like a falling apart shoe. That makes my heart swell for even more love for you, if that is even possible. I know your mom and dad appreciate that and so do I. I love you bud. And yes, you do need new shoes. Tell Mom you need a mother son date to find a nice pair for you :0)
Love you bunches!!!!
Aunt Allison

ThePorrittfreak's said...

I can sympythize with you here, I keep telling Donovan to wait as we just bought new shoes.. but the last three pairs we have bought have been about every 6 months and they look exactly like that or worse. It is so hard to buy them and so hard to tell them to wait.

Carla said...

I'm with Allison! Great job not complaining!

Sydney said...

Holy Cow! Yeah he NEEDS new shoes. Good thing he's a boy - a girl would be yelling loud and clear I NEED NEW SHOES! - Daniel you are a sweet boy and I love you.