Monday, April 14, 2008

Eliza one month old

Eliza is one month old. Well I guess actually she is now 5 weeks old but still. She is just the cutest 5 week old that you ever did see right? Hey by the way for those of you wondering we got Daniel a new pair of shoes and he went from having a size 5 to a size 7. I really think that its the kind of shoe because he can still fit into his church size 5 shoe just fine. But just the fact that I had to pay more money for the shoe and the fact that he is so close to wearing a man's size shoe is just sicking!!!!


Sydney said...

Dana that is such a cute picture of you and Eliza - She has really matured since I was there at 2 weeks old!

Angeline and Matt said...

Dana, you look so good for just having a baby, it's nice when someone takes a picture of you and your kids isn't it? always seems to be the other way around and were never in the shots.