Thursday, April 3, 2008

My quiet Daniel

My Daniel seems to be nonexistent these days. He already is so quiet and does his own thing that with the new baby I see him even less. Daniel is a stick to himself kinda guy. You never know where he is or what he is doing unless you really piss him off then he yells and its loud. That is pretty rare. That is so different from the kid that was in 1st grade. He was always so angry and hurt his siblings so much. It really is amazing what time and maturity can do to a kid. He loves to read and at times I have to take the book away to get chores done. I have countless times "caught" him in the closet eyes glued to his new book. He is a big lovable teddy bear. He was holding Eliza one day and looked pretty uncomfortable and she was crying and Sarah said Daniel pick her up and pat her back or sing to her. I said yeah thats a good idea Daniel. He said she is just so little mom I am afraid I am going to hurt her. He loves to be tickled. All our kids love tickle time but he enjoys it the most. He is like his Uncle Tim you have to be careful when you tickle because he could really hurt you when he is not even trying. He is a good kid. My goal is to take more pictures of the older kids because they seem to not get it as much because they are all off doing their own thing and aren't so much in your face all the time.


The Longnecker Zoo said...

I love that kid. He really is a good kid. And he is so affecienant (sp?) He is the only one of the boys that freely gives me hugs and says he loves me. It really does melt my heart because I know for "big boys" that isn't cool to let your Aunt know that. He is a good boy! Tell him how much I love him!!!!!

Sydney said...

Yes he is a soft teddy bear - I love you Daniel