Monday, April 7, 2008

Mrs. Sarah

Sarah is #4 in the line of kids that came to our family and the first girl. What can I say about Sarah. She is the one child that has taught me so much patience. I am sure that every mother has to learn that as a parent and I have learned it having her. She is a fun loving little girl. She is very photogenic and I love taking pictures of her. When she is determined to do something she does it with all of her will. When she wants to do the kitchen the right way then let me tell you that kitchen shines better than when any other kid has the kitchen to clean. She is such a good little babysitter we discovered. She is more attentive to any baby around than my 11 year old is. When my sister was here and she had her twins she proved to be very good at keeping even two happy at the same time. She values her free agency and I know that no one can make her do anything she doesn't want to do. As long as we can get her on the right path then she will be fabulous. She loves to dance and sing and is really good at both of those. I really want to get her into some kind of dance class- she would love it!! She is not usually affectionate but when she is it is so nice. We really connect most when we have one on one dates with her. She actually tends to be more quiet one on one but is fun to be around. She is my little girl and I love her.


The Longnecker Zoo said...

My sweet Sarah! She has matured so much over this last year. What a smart girl she is! I loved watching her jump from Anna to Kate and back again telling them to "hold on" so she could entertain the other one. She will be a great mother. I love her stubborn ways. I am know it's hard as mom to deal with at times but it will save her from many trials in later years if she uses that quality in a good way. She's a great kid! I love her to peices!

Erika G. said...

What a cute idea to write a little blurb about each child..I might steal your idea! Your kids are getting so big! I enjoy reading your comments, they always seem to make me feel good!
MIss you guys!
-Erika G.

Sydney said...

I love Sarah's strong will and I agree nobody is going to make her do anything she doesn't want to do. It is an excellent quality to have especially this day and time when peer pressure is so stong. I love you Sarah.