Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh my Matthew

This is Matthew my little brute #6 child and fourth boy in the line of kids. He is so big and alllllllllllll boy. He loves any ball around and truck and train around. He has an obsession with Thomas the Train and balls in general. For the most part they are all baseballs. It doesn't' matter how many times we correct him it is still a baseball. He could spend all day putting together train tracks and pushing trains around on that track. He can't stand being alone. I don't think he has ever been alone in his whole life. He loves food. Especially hot dogs. He would eat a whole package by himself if it were allowed. How gross is that??!!! He loves to help clean up and participate anything that the big kids are doing. He is strong willed and when he gets an idea in his head he can't seem to get rid of it. He will come back to that thought no matter how much punishment is dolled out. He loves to help with the baby and loves holding her all the time. Even if she is crying. He is a sweet fun boy and he can crack us up so much. He thinks he is one of the big boys but he is sad for him to say my little boy.


The Longnecker Zoo said...

Hey he has clothes on! You forgot to mention he hates clothes!!! Sweet Matthew will be a heartbreaker too with those dimples. I had so much fun playing with him and scaring him last time I was there. He is a fun kid. He's like Gabe in so many ways so I understand him totally. Tell him I can't wait to take him to see a train caboose when he comes to my house.

Leighanna said...

So cute... sounds like maybe he has a little Aunt Leighanna in him. I love hot dogs... and I know how gross they are. They were all I could eat when I was pregnant with William!! LOL

Sydney said...

What a handsome boy! Yes and he has clothes on. He is a fun boy and a joy to be around.