Sunday, April 6, 2008

My sensitive Nathan

Nathan is my very complex child. He has sooo many personalities. He is sweet and loving and then he is loud and ferocious. He absolutely loves doing puzzles. He gets so discouraged when Matthew won't leave his puzzles along. Poor kid. There really isn't a good place for him to disappear into his puzzles like he wants to. He loves learning new things. He is in Connections at school which gives him more of an opportunity to learn at his pace and learn things they wouldn't normally get a chance to on a regular basis. He recently did a presentation of birds and he came home telling us all about the birds he had learned about. He is a very sensitive child. He is in the middle so we find him crying about things that hurt him to his very core and we don't know how to help him feel better. He is loud and can't be still sometimes. He doesn't understand sometimes the term "personal space" but in reality is asking for just a hug but doesn't want to admit it. He loves to be in the kitchen with me and is set to learn how to make something new. He says he is thinking about becoming a chef. I encourage him but deep down hope he finds a better money making career. (Unless he can become the next Emeril then thats okay) He is a good kid and I never worry about him getting into trouble at school and that in itself takes a load of my back. He loves to draw and make new things. He has changed so much it seems physically. And thats our sweet sensitive Nathan


The Longnecker Zoo said...

Nathan is a great kid too. He makes me laugh. He is the only one who will attempt to really take me down. I appreciate that :0) He is like me in so many ways. I understand him. What a great kid. I love him! You guys really do have great kids :0)

Sydney said...

Nathan is a sweet boy. He is another one that I have to force a kiss on - He is very caring. I love you Nathan.