Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A time out ... for me???

An official time out starts out with a fun road trip with just me and my sister.
Gotta get some gas for sure
Okay this picture I felt like I still needed to post but no I am not pregnant and I have no idea what I am doing with my hand.
Then a little bathroom play. YOu have to know when my sister and I get together we always goof around like little kids again. Sometimes we all need to act like a kid again.
Then who could have a road trip without the snacks of course.
We asked other family members if they wanted to come tag along but everyone else had something that prevented them from going. So this is my sister Allison. Her and I are connected at the hip. We talk just about every day. She is the sister that actually would bathe me when I was so sick. I know that is a little too much info but you have to know what that means to me when I couldn't do it for myself. She did it and that takes a lot of love!!!!!
Like I said we turn into little kids again!!! thus the "stinky" face.
I had to put this picture in here. This is a bus we saw on our trip and thought it was very fitting. We surely are sweet lips and felt it fit our personality!!!! Plus its just down right funny that there is a town called sweet lips.
So the road trip let us to our much needed TIME OUT!!!!!
Yeah were here!!!! Memphis here we are!!!!!

Okay I turned into a blubbering crazy woman at Time OUt. I was given such a spiritual upliftment and there were so many emotions connected to this special time I can't even explain it.

THis is AManda Dixon. She was a favorite of mine. She spoke about change and how change can be a good thing that we need to welcome. What was more important for me to hear her say was that My best is Good Enough!!!!!!!!! She also said, I felt she was looking and talking only to me, you are the best mother that your children can have!!! Not just the best but the perfect mother. YOu see I have had such hard feelings about being sick a year ago and not be a mother at all. I was just a body in the house. I couldn't connect with my kids, I couldn't play with my kids, I couldn't cook for them. I was "just there". I am not like that anymore but I feel a lot that my disease make me not the mother that I really want to be. I am a mother again but I still get tired easy. Thats just part of my lot. So to hear her say that MY BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH, its true. I have to remind myself that alot.

Okay this was funny. They let us break for lunch and due to unexpected circumstances with the venue and the city, we were very limited to our lunch choices. We ended up in the hotel bar to eat and thought it was funny all the LDS Women eating at a bar. Its just a contradiction right??? We still have fun and the people that worked there I think appreciated our kindness and patience. We overwhelmed them so much that they had to shut the doors and have no more come in cause they couldn't accommodate anyone else.
For the life of me I can't remember this lady's name but she had such a wonderful story. Most of her family she had seen killed. One raped and arms and legs cut off and then she found the church. She went on a mission and has grown so much from the experiences that she has had. She is just a wonderful statement of faith and hope.
HIlary Weeks, who doesn't love her. Her songs are so uplifting.
Okay this is John Bytheway. He is also an LDS modivational speaker. OH our family loves him. My boys really connect with him. He is so good speaking with teenagers. I felt like a silly "fan" I was so nervous when I asked for his autograph and he gave us such a squeeze in this picture. He was telling us how much he appreciated us. What a good man he is.
And last but not least. Jennie Baker Oaks. She plays violin and what a talent man!!!!All of the people have a testimony that is so strong and need to be shared. THis was a gift to us from our husbands for Chirstmas. What they don't know is they have created a monster in us and we are going to need to go every year. This is just a wonderful spiritual time out literally. I get away from my kids for a couple of days and I get my cup filled so that I can be a good mom and give them what they need again. I felt so good about myself after having some really cruddy years with my health and I felt me again. We don't even know what the Time OUt scedule is for next year but TIME OUT FOR WOMEN here we come, don't know where but we are coming!!!!