Friday, October 29, 2010

Explorium outing

Well the kids had a day of not long ago. The explorium had the reptile exhibit showing and it would be leaving soon. All summer long I had wanted to take them to see it but it just never happened. I am so glad we did it. I had all the kids with me but as usual I hardly saw the older kids. This is a pulley system that you lift yourself up with. We had friends come with us and the girls loved hanging out with Eliza. THat is who is lifting her up. Eliza just hates all the attention of corse :0)

This is probably Matthew's favorite part of the whole explorium. It is a magnet puzzle where you put all the body parts back on the man.
These were some small snakes that seemed to be really iritated that Matthew was close to their cage.
Sarah really is a very strong girl.
Emma, Eliza, where is your body??

A harp that plays without strings.

These were probably Matthew's favorite reptiles in the whole exhibit. They were called snake turtle's. They had long necks like a snake and their toes were so sharp that they had such wonderful grips. The turtle Matthew is looking at had climbed up on the side of the wall and I really thought he would fall down but he never did. He griped the wall like a pro.
Who would have thought I could have this many pictures of Matthew. I think he loved looking at the reptiles and loved learning about each one of them. He even let me read the material about them to him. What a fun day we had with each other!!! I love days like that.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Boys

I think I have said before how much I LOOOVE Band and football and everything that goes with the two. My boys hummm hummm are proudly taking after me, well and their dad. They are all in the band. Aaron plays bass clarinet, Daniel-clarinet, and Nathan trumpet. I am so very proud of each of them. They love their instruments and we love watching them grow with their talents. Some of these are to show my sister so bear with me. They had a day where exceptional kids all got to be at the game. The band here is divided into several groups. And only the symponic band plays at the games. One day exceptional kids were invited to play. And beginner band (Nathan) got to get in for free.
This is the highschool band. They are huge compared to the band I grew up in. They cram in and fill a whole section of stand plus half another side for the percussion section.

This was the opposing team Petal. They had to bring their band in a semi trailer. They are serious of two things down in the south football and band whoot whoot!!!!
Aaron playing in the symponic band half time show.
Daniel the night they got to play at the game.
Aaron waiting to get the game started. I have to say most kids would be embarrassed having their mom come down and take a picture like this right before they could take the field. He was even teased very nastily about me. He was not embarrassed and it actually made him feel good. I love that boy!!!
OH isn't he handsome even with the sun in his face.
He plays football and is in the band. I pride myself very much to watch him play football and then at half time book it over to the band just in enough time to play with them.
I am so proud of them and I love watching them grow up. I love watching them make decisions about their futures. They are really good kids. Sorry the videos are sideways. I don't know how to fix that. Also some of them are shaky. I had kids hanging on me at the time. They didn't look THAT bad until you see them bigger. So just enjoy the sound!!! I certainly claim to be no videographer.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Scout, Second Class,Star, and Scout Master

My boys are so lucky to have their dad as their Scout Master. The boys have been working so hard on scouts. And its so nice for mom, not to have to do much cause their dad knows everything that is going on. So Nathan received his Arrow of light and is also now officially a Scout!!! He is well on his way to Eagle. He has everything planned out and knows how to accomplish it.

Daniel is now a Second Class. That sounds so second class but rest assured in Scouts its a very good thing. He couldn't find his shirt that night but that didn't stop how proud of himself he is.

And Aaron received his Star. He was so excited about that and all the badges he received. It was a long time coming but he is so proud of his hard work.

Tom had been feeling for a couple of months that he was going to be called the Scout Master. I have my own reservations but he has tackled this calling with such spirit. He loves these boys he is working for and wants to see them succeed. He as a kid was very close to finishing his Scout program but just got distracted. He really regrets it and doesn't want to see other boys like that. I love watching him with his boys and how much time they get with each other. I am proud of all my boys and the hard work they are doing. They are slowly learning to be men. Well and the man I have is slowly learning to be a better man than he is!!!! One day I will have back to back Eagle Court of Honors. Oh my!!!!!