Monday, October 11, 2010

A Scout, Second Class,Star, and Scout Master

My boys are so lucky to have their dad as their Scout Master. The boys have been working so hard on scouts. And its so nice for mom, not to have to do much cause their dad knows everything that is going on. So Nathan received his Arrow of light and is also now officially a Scout!!! He is well on his way to Eagle. He has everything planned out and knows how to accomplish it.

Daniel is now a Second Class. That sounds so second class but rest assured in Scouts its a very good thing. He couldn't find his shirt that night but that didn't stop how proud of himself he is.

And Aaron received his Star. He was so excited about that and all the badges he received. It was a long time coming but he is so proud of his hard work.

Tom had been feeling for a couple of months that he was going to be called the Scout Master. I have my own reservations but he has tackled this calling with such spirit. He loves these boys he is working for and wants to see them succeed. He as a kid was very close to finishing his Scout program but just got distracted. He really regrets it and doesn't want to see other boys like that. I love watching him with his boys and how much time they get with each other. I am proud of all my boys and the hard work they are doing. They are slowly learning to be men. Well and the man I have is slowly learning to be a better man than he is!!!! One day I will have back to back Eagle Court of Honors. Oh my!!!!!


The Longnecker Zoo said...

Good job my boys!!! Tell them I am extremely proud of them. And I can tell Tom has lost weight.

8 of us said...

That's so awesome! Isn't it amazing to have supportive dads for our boys?!

Dana said...

Yep Allison he has definitely lost weight. He looks horrible in his scout shirt but they didn't have any other sizes at the time. I am not spending that much money just to get him one that fits!!!
Darcy, I love supportive dads!!!

anthonydpaul said...

Very cool! I'm sure Thomas is a great scout master, just like his dad.

Bond Bedlam said...

Oh I am VERY proud of my scouts! That is so... very important on learning how to be a man! Boys. you Uncle Reid earned his eagle and it makes all the difference on your resume when you are looking for a job. I know that is a long time off but empolyers want men who excel. Love Mutta