Monday, September 13, 2010

Better late than never

Alright Alright I know. Don't diss me about not posting in about a month. I have wonderfully good excuses. We came back from vacation and I got really sick for a good long month and then life was completely crazy with school starting and filling out paper work for school can take me 6 weeks alone with all the papers I have to fill out. Then all the school activities.... you know I could go on and on. So these are some I wanted to post for a while and well here they are.

How wonderful is it to be able to play video games with your cousin all day... that is the best thing about summer anyway right??
Then there are the boxes that can entertain little 2 year olds for hours on in. I must have about a dozen of these. They would pop out of the box and want to pose. They would come back out and each time they were all in a different position than the time they came out before.
I absolutely love the opportunity to see my Grandmother. I never know how much longer we will be able to see her. My sister flew her down for the baptism and we got to enjoy her being there. So My grandmother, me, my sister, my mom. The only thing that would have made it any better would have been having the rest of the siblings there. This was taken very late one night after we got done playing a nice game of Mexican train. Probably the only game we play when we get together.
Then one of the reasons we went up was for my nieces baptism. This was our last little horray before school started. I wanted to live it up. We stayed outside in a tent cause we would have taken over the whole house. It wasn't bad at all. We had two fans plugged in and we were camped underneath a tree.
Just after she came out of the water. Aren't they just beautiful!!!!
Its always complete chaos when we all get together but you can't trade it for anything!!!


~Erica and her gang~ said...

What a FUN time!!! It was good to see ya.

The Longnecker Zoo said...

I miss you guys! Seeing these makes me so sad. It is complete chaos while everyone is here but so worth it and so much dang fun. We are creating memories for ourselves and our kids. PRICELESS!!!

Bond Bedlam said...

Yes great memories - grab them while you can because kids grown up and away and sometimes bad health gets in the way. I had a blast.