Friday, August 13, 2010

Knock on wood no more broken bones!!!

So we have been married 15 years and have had kids for 13 1/2 years and have now had our first broken bone. I had just been saying to a friend we have had countless stitches but no broken bones. I even knocked on wood but to no avail only a week later Nathan decides he is going to act like a spy. Well really he climbed up on the roof 4th of July and was waiting for the sun to go down. Officially its time to do fireworks in our house as soon as the sun goes down. Well he was trying to watch it and then inform us that we could now start the fireworks. He was by himself which was the scary thing I think. He came him with his arms dangling and the side of his face bleeding. He announced I need um some um help. He couldn't remember what happened at first. It took him a little while to remember what had happened. So off to the ER we went. 8 stitches, an mri, and a very temporary cast later we came home. We didn't get home until almost 1 am.

This is was his second cast. They put this on when we saw the orthopedic doc.

He had that cast on for a day and then the next morning they put him to sleep to set the bone. One bone was laying on top of the other.

The cast she is cutting of is the one they put on him after surgery. So that is cast #3.

The doc wanted to mold the new cast. He had such an unusual break that he wanted to make sure that bone didn't go anywhere. So this is cast #4
The nurse got to finish it. Orange his is favorite color and hallelujah it was water proof!!!
We are hoping he gets it taken off next week. That will be 6 weeks for him.
We later found out he wasnt' carefully trying to get down from the roof. He decided he would try these spy moves he's seen on tv. His plan was to jump from one roof to the other and then very skillfully fall into the bushes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? On a side not we just got back from the dentist with news that two kids have cavities that need taken care of. What next???

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The Longnecker Zoo said...

Don't ask what is next; you know what's next. More braces, more cavities, more school fees, more tennis shoes, more underwear, more glasses, more Christmas's, more suits, more missions, more weddings, more grandkids, more, more, more! It never ends. Just don't think about it :) So uplifting huh?!?!!