Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Beach fun

We had so much fun at the beach. We were very concerned about Eliza. Especially since we couldn't put up the beach umbrella. It was so windy that the umbrella flew away and we had to go chasing it. So we put sunscreen on her even though she is not 6 months old yet. She turned out just fine. The rest of us though are burnt little lobsters. I do not recommend getting clear spray sunscreen. It was windy and you couldn't tell where you got the spray at. So basically we got no coverage what so ever. I forgot to get my legs so I am so burned when I stand up I feel like my legs will explode. I am just glad that Eliza was okay but I feel bad for the rest of the kids. But we had fun and we had fun as a whole family. The wind blew so much that there was a fine layer of sand all over the blanket. Regardless of it all we had a good time. We wish you all could have been there with us. It would have been even more fun with you all.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Honoring Veterans

We heard on the radio where they needed help putting flags up for Memorial Day. I thought it
would be a wonderful activity for us to do as a family. I really wanted to impress on the kids that
there are other people out there besides themselves and that we need to help. I wanted
them to realize that there are so many people who have faught for our freedom and we should

be indebted to them. So this is just one small way we could do that. I tell you it was probably the best thing we have done as a family. We explained to them that they needed to be reverent and respectful. They did a wonderful job. It will now be a yearly tradition for us. The kids started reading the stones and found one man that died just last month who was 102 years old. Some of the kids found men that had their same name and wives who shared Sarah's name. The feeling there was not of sadness at all but of reverence and respect and a sense of happiness for all those wonderful men and the massive sacrifice that they have made for each and everyone of us. If I had to guess there were at least 6 hundred people there who came to help. Many were from the air force and the navy. Both of which have bases here. The kids only complained about how hot it was but they did very good and I hope that we made an impression on there minds. Aaron has always been fascinated by war, guns, military men and such so this was actually an exciting experience for him.

Friday, May 23, 2008

another crazy trip

NO this is not an advertisement for Walmart. I needed to blog about my trip to walmart the other day. NOt to complain but to laugh at the whole thing.Its a little long but it will make you feel good about your shopping trips I am sure. Arrival to the store:Eliza is still asleep in her car seat(that in it self is a huge feat because she never sleeps in her car seat) So I am thinking oh this might be good. I finally remember to bring in my purchases that I wanted to return(for weeks I had forgotten) Of course the Walmart greeters want to stamp the items so as I wait for this lady to stop talking nonsense to someone else she finally stamps my items but in the meantime Matthew has decided to run off to the eye department. I wanted to scream to her hurry up with those stamps cause my kid has taken off and I can't see him anymore. Instead she continues to get distracted by this lady who keeps talking to her. Finally items are stamped and Matthew is in tow again. We head to the costumer service department. No big problems with this lady she even laughs at the fact that someone had colored a picture in the shoe box of shoes that I was taking back. But I turn around to make sure the kids were still at the computers and wala!!!! Matthew is gone. I run out to see if I can see him. I run back to get my money for the service lady. And as I do that I remember Matthew asking if he could go to the arcade room. Mind you the arcade room is all the way on the other end of the store. I take off running and like magic there he is again. Hiding behind one of the games because he knows he is in trouble. I grabbed him, very firmly, yelled at him, and then paddled his behind. I am not one to do that, especially in public but I felt it was quite warranted. So all composed again and kids in tow we begin our shopping. Matthew says"I need to pee" okay lets go to the bathroom. A couple stops us and asks us what isle we got the baby on because they might want to purchase one too. Very sweet couple but now I am distracted. They leave okay back to shopping. What was I looking for. Matthew-"I gotta pee" Okay lets go to the bathroom. Eliza is screaming bloody murder now(all because she can't sleep in her bed) So much for thinking she was going to stay asleep. Matthew- "I gotta pee" Okay lets take you to the bathroom. I decide it best to put the baby in the wrap on me so she will stop crying. Okay what was I looking for. Matthew- whining now because he has to go so bad "I gotta pee!!!!" I grab the cart and run towards the bathroom with Emma running after us and Eliza bouncing around on me screaming her head off. We get to the bathrooms and I pick him out of the cart, because after all he can't be trusted to walk beside me anymore, and I realize he had peed a little bit (so I thought) I run him to the bathroom and when I turn around to see where Emma is at I realize that we had dragged pee all the way down the hall down to the bathroom. At this point I lost it. Yelled at Matthew(even though it was my fault he peed in his pants) came back to the cart and realized he had peed all over the milk on the bottom of the cart. That was it!!!!!! WE were out of there. We go to pay for our stuff and Eliza is now screaming because she is hungry and tired(bad combination for a baby who loves her bed) I pay for my stuff but not before the sales gal was slow as molasses because she can't talk and scan my items at the same time. She was talking to another employee about some lady who lost her son and grandson. I wanted to scream can't you hear my baby screaming her head off you need to pick it up a bit!! But I kept my composure- who knows why. Finally out of the store. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get everyone in the car and sit down and have to take a big cleansing breath. We don't have any food but at least we are out of the store with mister pee pants and cry baby all in tact and my hair still attached. Now go ahead and get a good big laugh out of us. I am!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

smiley girl

Eliza Eliza Eliza, so cute and sweet. I went to check on her and she was laying there smiling and trying to suck on her fists. So I ran and got the camera. She is just a little sweetie pie. She has been so fussy lately so this reminds me of what she really is like.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kill them now or later????

Okay I sent Daniel and Nathan to their room the other day for being in my bedroom watching tv without permission. It one thing to have permission but that is my space. The one and only place that little children should not have any kind of influence or have any trace that their are children there. (As much as I like that idea there is still always someone's dirty underware or train or toy in our room) So I had not heard them ask to come out and they were very quiet so I decided to go see what was up. As I walk in the room this is what I see. And Nathan had the fan on fanning this crap everywhere. It took them a good 2 days to get it cleaned up. With no dinner one night and a very late breakfast the next morning. They have not been this destructive in a very long time. This stuff is the "beans" in a bean back chair. I walk in and Daniel says Nathan made the hole. And Nathan says Daniel helped me make it bigger. Do they think that if they blame the other kid that is going to help their defense or something? I just don't understand why kids do that. Their bedroom is always so disgusting. They will get it so nice one day and then the same very night I will walk in and its a disaster again. I wonder if it has anything to do with having 3 big boys in the same room together.
OH by the way they survived and were not killed-this time :0)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've gotta brag!!

Okay so the picture is not the best but I had eaten about half of it already when Tom mention that he didn't take a picture of it first. This was my mothers day. The kids all woke me up with new perfume for me and then Tom walks in with this wonderful plate of breakfast. I couldn't possibly eat it in bed- much too messy. I was afraid I would spill it all over the bed. He made fresh whip cream and fresh berry syrup. My chrones has kicked into high gear since I have had Eliza and he said he wanted to make everything from scratch to help prevent any disturbance of my stomach. Oh my gosh you guys it was soooooooooooo good. The kids showered me with cards and hugs and kisses. And Tom went through a lot of effort to make me breakfast. It was a really good mothers day. This is my delima now. I want to make his birthday and father's day totally rock. Birthday is about 2 weeks before father's day. Does anyone have any awesome ideas for either?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Not mummies only manicures

I know they look silly don't they? Well a couple of weekends ago the boys had a father-son camp out and while they were gone we decided to do manicures. The girls are spraled out on the floor watching tv letting their nails dry. We don't do this often enough so they had to lay perfectly still until I said move.
I know Sarah doesn't look happy but she was just too busy to take a picture for me. What a turkey!!! But they had fun. Thats what matters

Friday, May 9, 2008

recorder concert

Well we went to Nathan's recorder concert last night. They actually did some different stuff than last year. They also had just about ever kid show up for the concert so they had to take time to set more chairs up and stands. Nathan was all the way in the back. He is the kid that keeps getting another recorder in his face with the blue shirt on. We enjoyed just being together as a family.

Eliza just couldn't stay up for all of the recorder concert excitement!!!! She sonked out about half way through. We think we are proud parents but there was one set of parents that brought their kid a bouquet of flowers. A little on the crazy side for us.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All our days are not like this

Okay so this picture is pre-baby and yes we are all squinting but you get the idea right? What our family consists of and what it might be like. Just try and picture all six running around making noise and baby crying. Okay now that you have that mental picture in your head, think about this picture. I am at the grocery store with a baby on my chest in a baby wrap, I have Emma wanting to "help"with all the groceries and stearing the cart, and Matthew hanging onto the front of the cart because in his mind he is too big to sit in the cart. I don't know it is like as soon as a new baby is born something changes in their head and they can no longer be caught dead in the cart or something. So you got the mental picture? So having the picture in mind of a struggling mother trying to shop and not overlook anything that is needed because once we hit the end of the store their is no going back even if something is forgotten because by the time you get to the end of the store, all the while you are struggling with a monkey on one end of the cart and a whiner on the other end and a hungry baby on chest you are just too tired to go back for anything you might have forgotten or over looked. So, having set up that wonderful mental picture, what kind of priority do you think a woman like that should get? You see I had the strangest day. Usually I deal with comments all day like oh my gosh are they all yours? And man you have your hands full. Instead of all of those, in everyones eyes I was at the grocery store completely alone. The children were amazingly invizable. One woman rolled her eyes in major impatience as I "took over her isle" while struggling with monkey jumping off the cart and running over him. Me the good mother that I am refuse to drag the monkey on the bottom of the cart so that she can get to her isle 1/2 a second sooner. Another lovely gentleman I encountered obviously didn't see that I was struggling with the heavy cart trying to make sure the monkey didn't get caught under the cart and begging Emma to push a little harder so that we could get this cart over the hump that seem to be after the doors of every Walmart. Instead he impatiently rolled his eyes and in a huff went around me. I just pray that when I am older and have been away from life like this and I have forgotten what its like to struggling shopping with kids that I am not impatient with those mothers struggling. And even instead of not being impatient I hope I offer a helping hand because heavens knows we can certainly use a helping hand from time to time. And for those that have offered that helping hand(because we know that all our days are not like this one) I say thank you from the bottom of my heart and only me and Heavenly Father knows how much of an angel you have been for us that day.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Name that sickness

What gives you the feeling of plugged up ears?
What gives you a fire red throat?
What makes you feel like you have the flu(but a little worse maybe?)
What gives you white discusting puss in your throat?
What doesn't go away unless you get on drugs?

Question: Who has it?

Someone who is very busy.
Someone who doesn't have time to just sleep.
Someone who doesn't get sick days and still has to keep going.
Someone who has 7 kids to take care of and still needs to make dinner.

I had my tonsils out a little over 3 years ago because I would get strep 6 and 7 times a year. I thought I wouldn't ever get strep but the kids came home with it and like good little boys shared with their mother. The doc said I can still get strep but I would have to pick it up from someone carrying it instead of just getting it on my own. I love putting pictures with my entires but didn't have a picture of a disgusting throat. So my brilliant words will have to be what entertains you today.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My little train conductor

If any of you know my family at all you know that Matthew has a small obsession with trains. This is at the school where they just got a bunch of new equipment. We pulled up to the school and those were the first words that came screaming (very loudly mind you) Train Train Train!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think that it moved or really did much but he was just happy he was on a train. The little horn could be pushed and that was a thrill for him to say the least. And look at that beautiful grin. He is just beside himself with happiness.