Monday, May 26, 2008

Honoring Veterans

We heard on the radio where they needed help putting flags up for Memorial Day. I thought it
would be a wonderful activity for us to do as a family. I really wanted to impress on the kids that
there are other people out there besides themselves and that we need to help. I wanted
them to realize that there are so many people who have faught for our freedom and we should

be indebted to them. So this is just one small way we could do that. I tell you it was probably the best thing we have done as a family. We explained to them that they needed to be reverent and respectful. They did a wonderful job. It will now be a yearly tradition for us. The kids started reading the stones and found one man that died just last month who was 102 years old. Some of the kids found men that had their same name and wives who shared Sarah's name. The feeling there was not of sadness at all but of reverence and respect and a sense of happiness for all those wonderful men and the massive sacrifice that they have made for each and everyone of us. If I had to guess there were at least 6 hundred people there who came to help. Many were from the air force and the navy. Both of which have bases here. The kids only complained about how hot it was but they did very good and I hope that we made an impression on there minds. Aaron has always been fascinated by war, guns, military men and such so this was actually an exciting experience for him.


The Longnecker Zoo said...

What a wonderful thing to do. I am glad you guys had such a wonderful time. Good job for teaching them that. We will have to do something like that next year.

Sydney said...

Dana I am so glad you all did that. You bet it made an impression on them.

Tiffany said...

What an awesome experience. My mom took us a couple of times to my grandpa's grave on Memorial Day. I think about it every year. You are starting a wonderful family tradition. :)