Monday, May 5, 2008

Name that sickness

What gives you the feeling of plugged up ears?
What gives you a fire red throat?
What makes you feel like you have the flu(but a little worse maybe?)
What gives you white discusting puss in your throat?
What doesn't go away unless you get on drugs?

Question: Who has it?

Someone who is very busy.
Someone who doesn't have time to just sleep.
Someone who doesn't get sick days and still has to keep going.
Someone who has 7 kids to take care of and still needs to make dinner.

I had my tonsils out a little over 3 years ago because I would get strep 6 and 7 times a year. I thought I wouldn't ever get strep but the kids came home with it and like good little boys shared with their mother. The doc said I can still get strep but I would have to pick it up from someone carrying it instead of just getting it on my own. I love putting pictures with my entires but didn't have a picture of a disgusting throat. So my brilliant words will have to be what entertains you today.


The Longnecker Zoo said...

Poor Dana! Wish I was there to help!

Simply Sweet Marriage said...

I love you! Take care of yourself!! I will come over and do all of your laundry, prepare all of the meals, and keep the kids quiet and happy. I will hold Eliza all day. I will let you sleep, you can take a bubble bath, and when everyone is settled I will rub your feet....I really wish that I could. You are a fabulous mom! Please take care of yourself. :)

Angeline and Matt said...

Stink woman, that's no fun, hope you get better soon.

Sydney said...

Sorry Dana - wish I could help you - its awful to be sick with little kids - I always worried that something would happen and I would be dead and my littles ones would be on their own for weeks without anyone knowing (Because Dad was out of town) Anyway I expressed that to my visitning teacher one day and she said that she would make it a point to call once or twice a week to check on us - that really eased my mind. Thank you all you good sisters out there!