Thursday, October 29, 2009

First scout campout

So this was Daniel's firs scout campout. He was so excited. He ready to go and waiting for a long time for his ride. Aaron on the other hand has been on many campouts. He was not near excited as Daniel was but he needed to go to get some merit badges and was so glad that he went. I think the first two pictures their faces were alittle bit dramatized but those packs were very heavy apparently. The bottom picture I think was a little more acurate.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I stood still and was grateful

Grrrrrr. I have had so much trouble trying to get this post going. All of the pictures posted are just silly little pictures of my family. I read a comment on facebook this morning about how he thought the church made a mistake in saying what they said about prop 8. He said because of the results that have come about and the persecution that many memebers face because of their belief both as memeber and politically. It sparked something in me. I didn't even know this guy and I had to comment about what he said. It really got me to thinking about how grateful I am for my family. You get going in the day to day life, did you do your homework, did I sign all your papers, did you make your lunch, did you do your chores, dinner, go to sleep and wake and busy busy busy all over again. I get so caught up in that, and luckily the Lord brings to my attention in such small ways sometimes how wonderful I have it. I have a big family and wonderful kids who yes make mistakes and irritate me sometimes but they are learning so much right now. I hope when they are older they are my friends. They are my friends sometimes right now but at the same time I still have to be their parent. I want to make it very clear especially if you had any question as to what I stand for. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, yes a Mormon. I believe in the sanctity of marriage. It at times can be bad and ugly I am sure for every marriage. But for the most part it is sweet and beautiful. I feel very strongly that there are 2 things that we and I are to fight for, the sanctity of marriage and free agency. Just because I believe so very strongly about marriage, doesn't mean that I will beat up another person for believing in any different, that of coarse would be taking away that persons free agency. They have the right to believe in what they want. However I know what the sweetness feels like when you are in the temple of the Lord and have been sealed to your husband for time and all eternity and you sit quietly together feeling so grateful for what the Lord has given you. My brother in law is a very straight forward kind of guy. He is the type of guy that would say right is right and wrong is wrong. And thats that. My opinion and strong knowledge of right and wrong does not change the fact that others have the right to believe what they want but it doesn't mean that I will sit by and keep MY shout. I have the right to believe and stand up for what is right just like other people have the right to fight for anything otherwise. That is what is so great about our Country. I will not apologize for offense. If you disagree, great you are entitled to that opinion. Doesn't mean we have to hate eachother over it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The "Stage" has begun

I am so very sad. Very very sad. The "Stage" has begun in our family. I am no longer publicly loved with my older two. Its just private love now. It was down right pouring this morning and even if you did have an umbrella you would still get damp. So I offered to walk the boys out to the bus stop with an umbrella and they both declined. I said wait are you embarrassed of me in front of all those kids? Yes was not the answer I was hoping to hear but unfortunately my ears deceived me. YOu would rather get drenched than to be embarrassed of me walking you to the bus stop? Yes was not the answer I was hoping to hear but yet again my ears deceived me. Dang it I think I might have to have my hearing checked. Now they told me I can still come eat lunch with them and that is not embarrasing but for me to walk them to the bus stop would be embarrasing. Whats up with that?? I do love them so much but it actually hurt to think that they are at that stage. Please tell me all kids their age go through this????