Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Summer Fun

So the first thing that we did when I came home from TN was celebrate Nathan's birthday. I called him on his birthday and asked how he felt and he practically yelled through the phone, "MOm double digits, I am finally double digits!!!!!" I didn't' realize he was THAt excited about it.
So for a very long time I had been serching for a board that could keep his puzzles on that he loves doing. I found this one in TN at a hobby shop and I was just so excited about it. He loves it. And it was half the price that I could have paid to get one from London(the only place I have found one around)
My mother in law got the kids a coupld of fun water pool things to play in while I was gone and we spent time outside together just hanging out. I got some fun pictures of the kids playing.

I am so glad to be home and with my family I have really enjoyed watching them and just taking them in. What summer family fun things do you enjoy???


Bond Bedlam said...

The board for the puzzle is GREAT - I did not know that is what you got. I had brought a puzzle for us to work when I kept the kids but didn't have a board to put it on and Nathan said Mutta it's not use Matthew gets the puzzle pieces and looses them. - So we didn't even do it. Now we'll put it together the next time I come.

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness Dana, what a crazy road you've been on!! I'm so glad you're back at home and getting better. LOVE the picture with your kids hugging in the pool! Keep enjoying them--I think I'll try to sit back and enjoy mine a little more too. :)

Wendy said...

I love the pix! The kids look like they were having so much fun! My favorite part of (this year's) summer is how short it start school in a week. I love my kids...but I need a break! btw...we miss having you here, but glad you are back with your family!