Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Parades are suppose to be calm right?

We went to one of the many Christmas parades that they have around the are. It was chilly and Eliza was sick so unfortunately Tom was at home with Eliza. As it turned out it warmed up a bit and I had wished they had been there. Either way we had a good time. We got there just before they closed the road down. But it still took about 15 minutes for us to see any parade.

So what else would any normal person do while waiting for a parade to start?
Walk on their hands of course!!! Both Sarah and Emma were really good at this.
Then we were so excited to see a friend of our is the parade. The kids shouted with excitement in seeing someone that they knew from church.

Then comes my favorite part of any parade. Some how I realized my chest got a little bigger and I stood a little taller when the band came along. Pride comes out and I start talking about my "glory days" in the band and leading the whole band down the streets during parades in my little town. This one was a little bit smaller than my band but they played with just as much heart as we did.

Last but not least we saw Santa coming down the lane in his big old red chariot. What parade would be complete without Santa!!! Parades are suppose to be calm and exciting and if I could have cocooned my little children then that is what it would have been like. But all around us there were people running out almost getting hit for candy and everyone had this mentality of give me give me more. Yes its fun to get candy thrown at you but I draw the line at fighting with other kids over some little piece of candy. One lady was worse than all the kids. She would walk up to everyone in the parade, say Merry Christmas, and expect them to give her anything they were throwing at the crowd. She on more than one occasion sent her children running down the street to catch someone whom they had missed and get the "things" they were passing out. It made me sad but still somehow I was able to mentally cocoon my children and we all had a good time despite almost being plowed over for candy. Life is changing and it was testament to me that we must continue to be in the world but not of it. I know that my children had a good time and they are still so innocent enough to be oblivious to what happened around us thank goodness. I love the Christmas season and a good parade helps kick of that spirit of Christmas.


Leighanna, Reid and William said...

Love the handstands! What a great way to stay busy when you are a kid! Wish I could still do one of those!!

The Longnecker Zoo said...

Amen! I don't know if I could get my big butt up in the air much less hold it up there with my punie arms.

Sydney said...

Yeah I agree - I don't know when it became popular to throw out candy to the crowd - I never remember that happening when I was a kid - and it does bring out the greed in some.