Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lucky 7 Tag

I know this post isn't about them but I love this picture of Sarah and Emma.
This might be harder than I thought!! Here goes.

7 things I can do:
  • Listen- I am a good listener
  • Have babies- I seem to be good at that even though that is not going to happen ever again
  • laugh so hard I pee my pants- don't get me with my family becuase you will definitly see some wet pants
  • crinkle my tounge
  • multi-task
  • drive
  • watch tv all day long when I am not feeling well
7 things I can't do:
  • decorate- I have no talent what so ever for decorating
  • play video games - they make me sick to my stomach
  • fly with ease- I have horrible motion sickness and I hate the whole idea of getting up in the sky in a big old metal thing filled with fuel- once your up you must at some point come down and what if everything isn't working just right
  • ski- have never even tried
  • ice skate- don't think my ankles would even do that
  • be creative- I am really good a copying an idea but to come up with the idea myself is another story
  • hummm I can't think of anything else
7 things I say the most:
  • did you make your lunch?
  • did you make your bed?
  • did you brush your teeth?
  • did you wipe your butt?
  • did you wash your hands?
  • are your chores done?
  • where is your underwear?
7 goals for the new year:
  • Okay for this one you may say this is a cop out but if I make goals for myself and don't meet them then I put too much pressure on myself. THe biggest thing I strive for is to have less stress in my life in hopes to keep myself healthy. I am not yelling anymore, I am cooking almost every night and have it done by 10 am so that I am not too tired at dinner,I do some kind of laundry every day to not get overwhelmed, I breathe more and think about what my body is doing. All these things I must do to not have stress in my life. I guess you can say all those are goals.
7 reasons I fell in love with Tom:
  • He made me laugh
  • He intrigued me
  • He had the things that I wanted out of a man, went on a mission, loved the gospel, was worthy to take me to the temple
  • He treated me with respect
  • Of course he was the most handsome man in the world, sorry ladies its true
  • He was knowledgeable in the gospel(that was sooo important to me)
  • He accepted me and still cared for me after knowing all of the stupid mistakes I had made as a teenager
7 things I love to eat:
  • italian food
  • breakfast- just about anything breakfasty I looooove
  • cookies(I can't eat anymore or they hurt me)
  • ice cream(I can't eat anymore or it really really hurts me)
  • I don't know- everything who doesn't love food all the time!!!!
7 people I tag: anyone of you that want to do this would be aweosme. Its fun learning new things about every body!!!! THanks Candi!!!


FamiLee said...

Thanks for sharing! I think you picked a huge goal to accomplish...I think if I did all of that...my kids would kiss the ground I walked on. I think that de-stressing is beautiful!

Thanks for your example!

~Oh! I am also glad that you are so in love with your hubby!

longnecker said...

Dana - that was so fun to read. I love the Did you wipe your butt comment - I think all moms could have the same sayings on their lists. We must all be broken records to our children. Your goals seem just right too!