Friday, November 13, 2009

A great piercing

Welp we have got our first piercing of the family. Sweet Sarah decided she really really wanted her ears pierced. She kept asking and asking. I asked other mothers opinions and why and why they got their daughters ears done. The we asked what Dad thought. I thought that she was a little bit young but let me tell you I was obviously wrong. She did so well getting them and cleaning them. She can't wait till she can start changing them around. I was 12 and thought that was a good age. I had a friend that had her daughters done at 5. And she had a friend who let her daughters get theirs at 8. Her reasoning was if she can make the decision to be baptised then she can responsibly make the decision to get her ears pierced. I loved that reasoning!!! So one night as our friends were over she got it done. Carol is a beautician and all the stuff to do it in her car already.

The is the before shot of her ear.
Waiting paitiently listening to the explanation that is about to happen.

Marking spot where the whole was going to go.

I think this was a cleaning and numbing of the ear.

Here we go. Are you sure your ready Sarah?

Her reaction to them in the mirror. I LOOOOOOOVE this shot.

And the two after shots of each ear. She looks beautiful and she was sooooo ready. Emma really wanted hers done that same night but I think we will make it an 8 year old tradition if they want them. Emma would be wearing make up and wearing high heals right now too if I let her.

What a beautiful girl!!!!!


Angeline and Matt said...

I agree, 8 is a great age for this, it's something Cecily has been looking forward to for a year. I think 8 should be a very special birthday and so I told he a year ago she could get hers done, she's got 15 days to go and a countdown calendar she's marking off every day. We go to Anchorage on the 28th (past her birthday by a month but that's o.k.)Tell Sara she looks beautiful!

Leighanna, Reid and William said...

How fun!!! It really depends on the kid, I guess! I was 4 - and I kept getting into my mom's jewelry box. She got sick of it and made my dad go get me my own earrings! 8 seems like a good age. I like your friend's reasoning!

Sarah - I love them! You look gorgeous! ;)

The Longnecker Zoo said...

Great reasoning. Sarah, you are a beautiful girl no matter what! They are very pretty!!!!

poboma said...

That's funny, that's when we told Catherine can get hers pierced

Tim & Erica said...

Awesome!!! Chloe was 8 too! Glad she is enjoying them. Love the new family pic on your blog, CUTE!!!

Bond Bedlam said...

Sarah - beautiful

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