Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pest or beauty to watch??

It looks as if they are just nice and pretty to watch. But don't be deceived.
As soon as you open anything that has food in it they have this homing device that says they need to hang around in case any kid drops a chip or something. And they can't take a hint at all. As I recall we have never had good experiences with these birds. My brother got pooped on by one. We called that bird Charlie and it has been a joke of the family ever since. I wish they could just stay out there in the ocean taking care of dead fish and all, far far away from my food, my kids, and especially my sleeping baby.


The Kent Family in Kenai said...

Your beach looks awesome, you guys must live close? Good sunscreen tips by the way. I couldn't help but laugh, your husband's back looks so funny (I'm sure he didn't think it was funny though)


Carla said...

Ah Charlie!!!! Do let us know if he makes a re-appearance!!

Sydney said...

Yeah - I don't like them they are NOT afraid of people and are a problem.