Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunscreen anyone? NOT

This is why you should #1 not buy clear sunscreen
#2 not apply it at the beach
#3 not apply it when the wind is blowing very hard
This is what we have learned #1 apply sunscreen at house before we get to beach
#2 never ever buy clear sunscreen because you can't be quit be sure where you are getting
#3 never say oh I will be okay my legs never get sun on them(that would be me the mother who said such a dumb thing and every night I got up to feed the baby I would die because when the blood would come to my legs my legs would throb they hurt so badly)

A whole week later and we are just now not complaining any more about someone accidently rubbing against a shoulder or a leg


Tiffany said...

NICE job putting on sunscreen (or not as the case may be)! I think Tom's back is my favorite. Those are some crazy spray lines!

Leighanna said...

I like the mist sunscreen... it is a little bit easier to get on William. I just make sure to still rub it in... it seems to do the trick for us! Sorry you guys are in pain! I've been there with the leg thing!!!