Thursday, October 2, 2008

5 facts/habits tag

5 Facts/Habits about ME
  1. I am good at birthing babies. It may seem weird but for me it is a talent of mine(even though I will not be doing it any more, you gotta stop some time right? ) I love being pregnant and I love the whole birthing part and everything that comes with that. I can totally see myself becoming a midwife one day.
  2. I would love to have the talent of decorating but really I have not one decorating bone in my body.I just don't know how or even what looks good. I think maybe it stems from having so many kids so fast that it was never a priority and thus I have never persued anything like it.
  3. I have a really bad habit of sweeping stuff into a pile and just leaving it there for someone else to get in the trash. It all stems back from being pregnant and having a hard time bending over to get it in a dust pan. I figure now let me get this mess in a pile so that its out of the way and then I can run off to something even more important. Tom really hates that habit.
  4. I must have the closet doors closed. If you get something out close the doors!!! And under no circumstances should the doors be left open all night long. For me its like locking the doors-it must be done. Tom could care less, closed open what does it matter, but for me its a pet pieve.
  5. I am a tv-a holic right now. Eliza demands so much of me holding her that I might as well have the tv on to have something to see also.
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FamiLee said...

Dana, I am the same about the closet doors...but only in my bedroom. This creepy guy in college got caught sneeking a peek at me sleeping. Not from my closet, but from my door...but it is still creepy. Add blinds too! That is funny about your piles!

I have been there with the whole tv thing. Internet is fun too.

Sydney said...

Humm... I didn't know about the closet thing!

7 of us said...

Yes, you are good at the baby departmen...they are darling.

Cristin said...

I got your tag...I'm so bad at these, but I'll give it a try...

GANG GREEN said...

Yes, you are awesome at birth. I was a witness to Matthew's and it was wonderful to watch you and Tom as a team. I will never forget that experience. Thanks for letting me share that with you.