Saturday, February 13, 2010

Games Games Games, Lets play some games

A family holiday tradition is many many games.

Twister with all the cousins
Books, Well they aren't really games but they sure are fun. All the cousins love it when Mutta reads books to them. The was a regular siting during the holidays.
Jumpin Jelly Beans an absolute must when we get together. We love this place. They are so very family friendly place. They don't mind that we have a hundred kids and their is a very nice room for the parents to rest when they get tired.
And the finally of our game playing. I know she is going to kill me but I just had to do it it was soooo funny. My sister is the life of the party. She can cheer anyone up and make them laugh. I on many occasions during the holidays have to have a change of clothes cause I laugh so hard. (hey now if you gave birth to 7 you would have the same problem) So we as adults were playing canasta and my sister started teasing my mom about her "Grandma glasses" You see we as kids never imagined that my mother would ever need any eye seeing aides. But she does a little bit need them. Anyway enjoy the next few and Sorry sis. (not really I had to do it you know)


~Erica and her gang~ said...

Hahahaha!!! That's F-U-N-N-Y! Good pics of ALLISON :o) I enjoyed that very much.

The Longnecker Zoo said...

That last picture is totally our mother to a T!!!!!! I didn't realize I got her down so well. Don't worry Dana, payback will come...but I don't mind laughing at myself!

Bond Bedlam said...

Ha,Ha big joke - You all are wacked-o-es :) Mom - Hey at least I was in my 50s before I became so.... blind!! How bout you all blind bats???

Wendy said...

LOL...I literally laughed out loud! I have to agree, she definately adds life to the party, or dinner, or church....We love you Allison ;o)