Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fun Holiday Traditions

I know I am a little behind but I couldn't go withouth posting our usual Holiday traditions.
Getting ready to do gingerbread houses with all the grandkids
Don't they just love helping!!!
A little playing with the cameras never hurt anyone. Gotta do somehting to keep us interested while were waiting on the process
Gotta hole that roof on some how!!!

I think the kids would rather taste than wait for it to set up

The absolute best part of gingerbread houses is decorating it.
Nope I was wrong. The best part is eating it!!!!

Emma my little sugar lover couldn't help but get the frosting off my hands. EWWWWW GROSS!!!!!! Despite the slimy hands we still had lots of fun!!!

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Bond Bedlam said...

That was fun. I am glad you posted it even if it is late. Now post your snow pictures from the coast!