Monday, January 25, 2010

End of an Era

Well I had to document this. We are officially at the end of an era for us. Yes yes its a little bit sad but after having such a rough year I am at a point in my life where I am just excited and grateful for what I have. All my little ones and no desire to have more.

We thought that she might be a little upset as she watched everything being taken down.
She watched happily and even danced all around the room as we were doing it.
We talked the whole time about how big she is and how she gets a bed just like her sisters.
We sang and danced with her and just tried to make a game of it. And wala- big girl bed here she comes. She loved it and was totally excited. Now ask me how bedtime went after a week of being in her new big bed???? As you would expect. A bit of a nightmare it became. But a little adjusting of the door knob and she got the idea real quick that bed time was in her bed and naps were in her bed. She is my little prize. She may have had a rough start in life but she is my little prize for all the nights staying up with babies and all the heartache I had with some of my kids potty training. Easy Easy Happy Happy. I think the Lord knew I needed an angel and that is what I've got. She is just precious and I am glad she loves her big bed!!!


Leighanna, Reid and William said...

Yeah for big girls and no more baby stuff!!! I count down the days - which, obviously, is not coming anytime soon!!! I'm glad for this new era in your life!!! :o)

8 of us said...

Ahhh, how sad. Guess you have to quit sometime. Enjoy your big girl, she is a cutie.

~Erica and her gang~ said...

That is awesome :o) So glad everything went pretty smoothly.

Bond Bedlam said...

Well that is an end. But too thought it was a bit sad. How did you adjust the door to keep her there