Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ThirTEEEEEEN? oh my

Okay like I said things are jumbled up and our festivities are in no particular order. Also I forgot that the pictures get posted all on the top and there are just too many to change so the funniness of it is less but you still get the picture of our life. So this is the after math of the birthday party. Eliza thought she could get better access to the cake if she sat in the box.

YOu can't tell very well but it was all over the cabinets and it was just a huge mess.

As you can see even an old foogie like me can skate. I was much better in my day but a few pounds and babies later I was a little wobbly

I can't believe he is 13. Its kinda scary. Daniel will be 12 in less than a month and that is scary too. They are pretty good boys though.
Everyone had fun skating except of corse Eliza. She slept for most of the party which acutally worked out well. I guess she must have felt left out for not getting any cake thus the pictures at the beginning.


anthonydpaul said...

Radio next to the sink!?! Thomas must not have paid attention in Boy Scouts.

Tracy said...

Oh my is right!! Seems like a lifetime ago that Aaron & Brayden were best buddies at BYU...I can still hear Brayden's little voice yelling Aaron's name out the window and them speeding down the path on that Gobi toy. Good times. :)

Dana said...

Anthony, that radio deal was all my fault. We didn't have a place to put it in our room. so.... Tracy that gobi toy was that the blue worm looking thing. Who's toy was that anyway? It was the neighborhood favorite.

Cristin@ Serendipity said...

Cute! So fun...I can't believe L's hair is actually shorter than Aaron's...remember when you were telling L he needed a haircut? Welcome to the life of a mom of a teenager! Enjoy! :)