Wednesday, January 13, 2010

P-j Christmas eve

So for a couple of years the kids have gotten pajamas for Christmas and its nice to open that up on Christmas eve. I am dedicated this post just to pj's because I have lots of sweet babies and I just can't leave anybody out. They were all very excited about them. I was able to very quickly hem the boys pants because they were all too long. Its so nice to make them shorter so that they aren't tripping over them.

Goffy I tell ya!!!

She wears these every night and doesn't want to take them off in the morning. I was hoping to find some more but when I went back to purchase them they had no more warm pajamas. Goes to show you we are not prepared for the cold weather anymore.
We have taken a couple of kid pictures each Christmas before everyone heads of to bed. One silly one of corse and then one sweet one. Aren't they all beautiful!!!
Notice Matthew does everything his older brothers do.


The Longnecker Zoo said...

What cute faces!

Elizabeth said...

Dana, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Isn't it crazy how irrational and how real fear can be? I'm so glad music worked for you. And I'm glad your teeth aren't rotting anymore. Baby steps, baby steps.

I love the silly/sweet picture. We are a big fan of Christmas pjs too. What a cute gaggle of kids!They are adorable.
Thanks again!

~Erica and her gang~ said...

Some Cute kiddos there!!! Who doesn't love Christmas P.J. my Grandma still buys each of us some :o)

Bond Bedlam said...

I always love new PJs. Especially warm ones in the winter. Their all cute.