Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here is the thrill and fear

And some of the fun memories we made: We went to Six Flags for the kids' spring break. As a little back ground we all felt a bit jipped out of spring break last year. Our plan was to go to six flags as a family. Well that time of my life was a very very sick time. I was so very sick with my crohn's disease. I thought I could make it because I wanted a piece of happiness with my family among such a sad time. Well I just couldn't do it. I couldn't get away from the toilet. So Tom went with the 5 older kids and it was freezing cold for them. They ended up coming home early. My mom stayed with me and took care of me and the two younger kids. So this trip was more than for the fun and thrills. It was JUSTICE!!!! I am much better now and we all went as a family. My mom came too and we had a full day of sun, fun, thrills, and fears!!!!! Most of the pictures I have are of the younger ones. The older kids went with dad to ride the scary rides!!!
This however is the last ride any of us rode. I never did get to ride the one ride I wanted to and as we were leaving the park the kids realized the Georgia Cylone was open so hurridly we ran to the opening. The kids wanted me to ride and with a little pushing from my sweet husband, I went. After all I didn't get to ride the one ride I wanted to. Yeah I figured it would be a close second. Oh I must have been crazy for agreeing to go.
Look very closely at what we are wearing.
Look closely at the blurr of what is me. One of these days I am going to blow this picture up so that we can really see my face. Let me just describe to you. I have a death grip on the handle of my seat. I have my glasses off because I am afraid of loosing them, I am praying that I will live through this ride. I am also talking myself into breathing, after all we must have air to live. I am not made for these rides anymore. Life is so different as a kid. All I could think about was, what if something happens to me and I can't take care of my family anymore. OH I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!
Alright I can say this is a little more my pace but to be honest the carousel makes me feel a little nauseous. But really this is the kid of area I would rather be in. Slower paced is my style. I know I won't die on a carousel.
This is nice too. The train rides all over the park. So you can take your time and really look and the park. And the people, I think I am a people watcher. I tried coloring the picture of the girls and my mom but I was just too close to them with the flash. I still liked it.

This is a new spot at the park and if you have a boy you know you will be visiting. Its the Thomas exhibit. You can ride Thomas and climb all over the other characters in Thomas the train.

I never could get a real good picture of them on the train.
For a boy who loves Thomas this is just heaven!!!!
Who wouldn't love to drive a big truck???

Okay just watching this one makes me want to loose my lunch but this was just Matthew's thing. He loved all the younger rides.

I have to laugh at this one, it just went a little up and down and that was it. But it was a fun memory for the kids.There were many more rides we rode and we spent all day there. I am so glad we got to go and I am so grateful for my health that it has so much improved since last year and that we could make this wonderful memory together as a family. It was JUSTICE and proof that the Lord has blessed me so much. Stay tuned for the Ben Franklin, and the time out and the many more memories we are making.


~Erica and her gang~ said...

Looks like a lot of Fun!!! My boys would love the Thomas stuff :o)

Wendy said...

Yes...Thomas would be a huge hit in our family too! I know what it is like leaving a park and not getting to ride the one ride you wanted to! But that is one of joys of motherhood, huh?

Leighanna, Reid and William said...

I'm glad you all had fun!!! :)

Carla said...

how fun. i see daniel's now doing the mop top. haha. gotta love it.