Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet Ben Franklin aka. Our Nathan Man

This is Ben Franklin but we know him at our house as Nathan. For connections they had this final project that they had put about 6 or 7 weeks into. He had to do a lot of research on a famous American that has influenced the world for good. So it couldn't be just a Hollywood star or anything like that. He chose Ben Franklin. He asked me to make his costume. So for me the thought of him asking me to sew it was such an honor. I haven't been sewing that long and he had the confidence in me to help him. What a sweet boy. It took a little adjusting but it was done. I didn't have time to learn how to do button holes so snaps came in very handy. What a thinker Ben is.

Here he is with his "babes". Everyone knows Ben for the inventions he came up with but what a lot of people don't know is that he was a babe magnet and he went around boasting about how many girls liked him.

I am not sure why I have two of these pictures but I was afraid of deleting one for fear of deleting both of them. They school had a bald cap, glasses, and a vest for him to wear.
I think this is my absolute favorite of him. The bald cap is a bit worn and makes him look totally fake. I say this is Ben in his prime!!!
Now I have to say (a little pridefully) I think Ben's costume was the best one there. They put on a play completely surrounding all the characters the kids in connections had chosen. There were a lot of influential people there. Ranging from Teddy Roosevelt to oh well now I can't think of any of the girl characters but it doesn't matter anyway because Ben was the best one there!!!
They were taking questions from the audience and Nathan was always in his character of Ben. I am very proud of all his hard work he put into this project. Good job Nathan!!!!

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Tracy said...

Great costume! You're super mom!