Thursday, December 9, 2010

One proud mama!!!!

I think I might be the proudest mom alive right now. Well okay I know there are a lot of us out there but I just have to take the time to brag about MINE!!! Aren't they handsome? Don't they looks so good!!! They had their Christmas concert a couple of nights ago and I love watching them progress through each band and seeing their growth over the years. Nathan was first as a beginner band student. He sat down and immediately scanned the auditorium to find me. He sat for about 20 minutes before they actually began and casually looked for me the whole time. When he finally spotted me his face lite up like a Christmas tree. He didn't seem as nervous anymore. I love that affect I have as a mother and it can't be replaced by anything in this world. Daniel was more cool and calm going out on the stage. He has "been there and done it". He didn't really look for me. He was down to business and ready to do his best. Aaron and old pro by now I couldn't even see him. Since he plays bass clarinet he was hidden by smaller instruments. I did see him before he had to play out in the hall and have to say watching him grow into a teenager as been such a fun experience. They all go through a rough couple of years transitioning but he I think has finally figured out who he really is. Thats not to say he knows everything but he has a lot more confidence in himself and that is fun to see that develop. I love these talented young men of mine. And love that they have chosen to do something near and dear to my heart to keep themselves busy!!! Can't wait till the spring concert. It is always better than the first since they have had a whole year to learn!!!


Angeline and Matt said...

They all look wonderful and grown up. The "Shag" is sure popular back there huh? Good job instilling in them your musical abilities Dana

Carla said...

they are handsome boys, something to be proud of! though nathan looks like one of the beetles.

Bond Bedlam said...

Oh yeah they look like the beatles - every style just comes back.