Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Okay I have already cried and every time I think about it I want to cry some more. There are so many firsts in our house this morning. Emma got on the bus this morning for the first time and I wasn't even ready. I thought I had another 15 minutes to take pictures and such but no the bus came right after Daniel left. Which is another first. He is on the "Taconi" bus. So they ride with the high schoolers. I know disgusting isn't it. I know Aaron did it last year but now it is Daniel's turn and it just churns my stomach every time I think about it. Then in 15 minutes Aaron will be off to the Middle School. Another first for me. They are having a boo hoo breakfast that I don't want to go to because I will be boo hooing too much to go. You would think that I would get use to all this but its hard every year.


Tracy said...

Yesterday was Connor's first day of kindergarten too. I was DEFINITELY thankful for my sunglasses as I walked away... Wow, that's crazy to have elementary kids on the bus with high schoolers. What's up with that?

Lissa said...

I completely feel your pain/heartache! Kyle started kindergarten too today :(
I thought with my oldest being 12 I would be over the first day tears, yeah right!!

The Longnecker Zoo said...

AHHH! Poor Dana! I feel your pain girl. That is so hard to watch your babies grow up!

Angeline and Matt said...

School started already! When do you guys get out? Emma looks so cute, and she'll do great in Kindergarten. I know things will settle down once you get settled into the routine and all your time can be focused on just 2 little ones during the fun

Chris & Heidie FamiLee said...


You guys are in school already?! We do not start for a bit.

What a sweet face.


Alaska Massey said...

School already? Wow, that is early. Kaitlyn goes to kindergarten this year too. I can't believe Emma and Kaitlyn are big enough to be going to school. We'll see how I hold up on the first day. Take care.

Cristin said...

...I can't believe E. is in kindergarten...she looks so cute!
Kindergarten was hard, but M. starting high school caught me totally off-guard (tears)! Hope all your kiddos have a great year!

7 of us said...

We are at 10 days and counting until school. I am not ready, but my kids are. Three in full days this year, one 8th grade, a 5th grader, and a 1st grader. My Chloee has to wait (impatiently) for another year. Emma is too cute!