Friday, August 1, 2008

Independence Day bar-b-que

We had a 4th of July barbque with friends. We had a good time. We were there very late and I was so tired. I was without Tom(he had to go into work that day) so by the end of the night I just wanted to crash but still had to do the routine to get Eliza to bed.


The Longnecker Zoo said...

What a set of good-lookin' kids! Lvoe you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sydney said...

Pictures are GREAT!

∂∫∂ Lockhart Clan ∂∫∂ said...

Fun party. I love those times, it seems like the only time I can socialize a bit because the kids are entertained by others and too busy to need me :o) We have been here about a week shy of 1 year. Sam was stationed in Homer for 2 years and Kodiak for 4 years. We met when he was in Kodiak and left for RI in 2000. He knew Matt before Angeline was in the picture and then we met. Unfortunately, the time we were all married and living in Kodiak was short! We keep in touch through the great space age of the internet and Alaska will always be where we want to be so maybe someday we'll get another go at it! It's crazy what a small world it is.