Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sweet Helpers

Do you ever take for granted how easy it is to make banana bread without any "help"? I usually make a mean banana bread but sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want them to. I had planned to make banana bread for my family and for some of the ladies that I visit teach. Emma of course wanted to help. So as a mother you can't deny them that satisfaction even though it takes twice as long and there is much more of a mess. Not to mention I tripled the recipe which makes putting together time three times as long. If Nathan had been as home he would have had to help too because he is my little cook. He even told me once he has thought about becoming a chef. So I have Emma on the counter trying to pour in flour, Matthew beside her playing in the casserole pan that was soaking from the night before and me trying to keep my patience. So finally about halfway through I got Matthew down because he wouldn't stop making a mess with the water. So I feel now like I can concentrate on Emma. Flour all over the counter, her, me and the cookbook I see Matthew had climbed back on the counter and found a blue marker and was "decorating" his hand. So what should have taken me 20 minutes took me an hour to accomplish. Then to top it all off the bread didn't taste as good as usual because I didn't use ripe bananas instead I used fresh bananas. The ripe ones as ugly as they are add quite a bit of moistness. So the whole batch came out on the dry side. I guess I can chalk it up to quality time with my kids. Oh by the way the picture is not of my banana bread. Mine came out much uglier than that!!

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