Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sweet or Annyoing?

Screaming about getting ties on?- Annoying probably to others hearing it, madining for me knowing they aren't getting ready like I told them to 3 or 4 times in a row
Squeals about how beautiful her hair looks after being curled with curlers? Absolutely sweet how can you even question that? And if you had seen her you would have been so impressed
Asking for the 3 time if everyone has their scriptures?? Dang annoying!!
Hearing him in the back seat singing about trains? Soooo sweet how can anyone resist such happy sounds and not want to just squeeze him. Not only for the sound but for the simple fact that he is not screaming about being hungry
Having a teacher come up and say oh by the way I will not be here next week? Sooo annoying because for the simple fact that they are suppose to get their own subs. How much time do these people think I have?
Hearing my children run through the house?? HUmmm that is a big toss up sweet because I know they are happy and enjoying themselves. A little annoying because I know any minute someone is going to start crying because they got hurt because they were running too fast or they bumped into someone.
Hearing that my husband is coming home a 6 instead of 8??? I shouldn't even have to answer that one!!!
Overall day without husband for weeks now? Pretty good despite some annoying moments because despite the annoying moments my children are good kids and the happy sweet moments can really cancel out those irritations- especially if I am in the right frame of mind.


The Longnecker Zoo said...

Amen Dana! Thank you for pointing out kids are kids and we should be grateful to have the sweet little annoying boogers in our lives :o)

I can't wait so see you guys next weekend!!!!!!!!!
Love you bunches!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

Your new answer to the teachers who inform you they'll be gone? "Sounds good, will you call and let me know who you get to sub for you?"

:) Could it ever be that easy? Maybe if people would take care of their own resposibilities!? Okay, back to life for me..I'm done stalking you for the day!