Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crazy Pee

How many of us really like potty training?? If any of you raised your hand for that one you would be a little crazy I think. Matthew is just beginning his journey to "big boyhood". There are several times that he says I have to pee. He has the desire but as all first time potty goers, the desire doesn't always overcome the habit of peeing and pooping in diapers for 2 years. He is constantly taking his diaper off(another good sign that they are ready) Luckily though we have wood floors downstairs and every time something happens on the floor I am ever so grateful for those floors. This morning however he took it off first thing before even getting out of bed and well you probably guessed it already- I get to wash sheets this morning. He didn't want to put a diaper on so no pushing especially if he wants to go to the bathroom. Breakfast time. Sit down. Ask do you have to go to the bathroom first- NO. Okay here is your breakfast. I turn my back and hear pssst. Oh man its too early to have to deal with this. On goes the diaper and hear the crying. Life is never dull around my house.

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Sydney said...

Matthew is too cute. I captured some of the pictures and am putting them on my digital picture frame.