Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas has past

Well here we are back at home from time in Georgia and Christmas is over. That is always such a sad feeling. YOu know how you all get. We are all excited about Christmas weather we are big or small. You must admit it. For me its the smells and sounds and all around preparation and anticipation of what is to come.
Then the day has come and its AWESOME. Then there is December 26th. Every year it never fails. I feel a sense of sadness. The anticipation-gone. The presents-gone.
The overall feeling that people are wanting to do good because its the right thing to do-gone. The non stop talk about Christ-gone.
It is no longer "PC" to talk about Christ. For that brief time all around you feel like everyone is on your side. Now we are the weird ones again.
Because we believe that Christ is real. But you know what despite all of that. YOu know what I hold onto?
These pictures and memories that we have made.
Pictures are just awesome because they focus on the good
and push out anything that you didn't like. Yes Christmas at my parents house with 3 full families is a bit crowded and we have some tense moments at times but the memories are in the cookies that we made and the icing that was all over their faces.

The memories are in their sweet little faces when they
open up their gifts to see something
that they wanted
The memories are in how awesome that coke from Africa
was. Despite the suffocation
we adults may have felt with so many people around. The memories are in the
rice krispie treats we got to eat for breakfast from Mutta
because it was something
she wanted to give us out of love. The memories are in the fun trip we took to Jumpin jelly Beans and how much we sweated and got tossed about by
Uncle REid. How we got a skinned up backed becuase someone pushed us down the slide
when we weren't quite ready. The memories are in the time we got to sleep in the tent outside with dad and how cold it was on our noses but we were oh so cozy.
Those are the kind of memories that comes out of all the pictures taken. Life is about all those wonderful memories
that we make when we are together. As far as the world
and their "PC" views they can just stick it because what matters to me the most is what you see in all the pictures I take. FAMILY!!!!

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