Sunday, January 13, 2008

Boys and their toys

Men, Boys, they are all the same aren't they? They love their tools and their toys. For men I think they are one in the same and that is okay. Someone in our ward was getting rid of their trampoline that has hardly ever been used. So they thought of coarse the perfect family who needs to get rid of some energy. Yes we had a trampoline already but it was getting quite worn out. This is a spring tramp and not a strap tramp. Apparently they are totally different. I wouldn't know because in my fragile state I am not allowed on a tramp;0) Anyway as Tom brings home the new tramp Aaron runs inside to get "his" leather man. I think that it was an old one of Toms and he just claims it as his. He starts undoing screws.

The next time I turn around I see Tom with his new drill. Wait a minute here the tools just keep getting bigger. I didn't think that the job was this hard. Alas the tramp is finally down and they are assembling the new one. Here is where the toys come in. That is all the kids can talk about now is how awesome this one is and how much higher they can just and how "totally awesome!!!!" it is.
Matthew has become a bit timid on it because they are able to bounce his little body so much higher. Or should I say mom has gotten more worried about her little being with them all as they are jumping. He almost got bounced off and I was standing right there. Anyway it was fun watching them jump and unscrew things. Both of which gave them so much joy. By the way the middle kid in the first picture is a friend of Aaron's that was over that day.


The Longnecker Zoo said...

Too fun!!! (I see Tom is also wearing the hat Erik gave him.) Boys do love their toys. They do seem to get bigger the bigger the boy gets :0)

Love the pics

Linette said...

You write very well.