Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy kid

OH how I love a happy kid. Let me count the ways.
#1 He wakes up singing(instead of crying)
#2 He asks for a "dwink" (instead of crying so hard that he can't form a sentence)
#3 He cuddles with his sister(instead of crying that he can't smash his feet underneath her body)
#4 He sits on my lap and lets me play with him(instead crying and throwing himself on the floor)
#5 He asks for something to eat (instead of standing at the pantry door crying )
#6 He sits happily watching whatever is on the tv at the time(instead of crying and saying change momma)#7 He takes what we call his fish medicine well(instead of crying that the steam is hitting his eyes and complaining that the straps are too tight)
You get the idea here. What a whole 12 hours of sleep can do for a kid is amazing!! And what a whole 12 hours can do for mom as well. It makes life so much more pleasant.

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Tracy said...

DANA! I just discovered your blog and spent the last 20 minutes "catching up" on you! What fun to see your whole family after all these years. You look great!