Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Why is it that kids think they can lie to us? It may be something very small but none the less kids think they can flat out lie and get away with it. They must be delusional. Nathan- did you brush your teeth this morning? Yes is the response as I am looking at him smiling at me and there are bit of food spilling out of his TEETH!!!!! Go brush your teeth NOW!!! He takes off. A few minutes later I see him again. Did you brush your teeth? Yes. Only this time he is not smiling he is obviously avoiding eye contact with me. I said okay let me smell your breath. And instead of admitting he didn't brush he blew his breath sideways to me as if that would stop the bad breath from coming to me or something. I just don't get what makes them think they can lie about something that is so blatantly obvious. Maybe I did that as a kid too. I don't remember though. I claim selective amnesia.

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