Thursday, January 24, 2008

A new goal

Yesterday my blog was all about me. Yeah thats fine from time to time. However I felt like such a heel last night and the first thing that I thought was maybe you could have known if you had not been so focused on yourself lately. I went to church to have a Primary meeting. It was a good meeting and we accomplished a lot. Then I asked my secretary if she would do something that we needed to get done. She asked how long she had to get it done in. That should have been my first clue. But nooooo I didn't listen. So I just said well just whenever you can get it done but the sooner would be better. So she proceeded to say that the reason she asks that is........ And she talked about how she is working her butt off trying to get her temple blessings restored and how Satan is doing everything he can to try and stop her. She is physically exhausted because she is doing everything she can to keep her family and her dads business afloat. The only thing she doesn't do is stable the cabinets together. Everything else, staining cabinets, measuring for cabinets, book keeping, payroll. Everything. So this is my main point. I have a talent for picking up peoples struggles and sensing that something might be wrong. I didn't with her and I feel absolutely horrible. Life has been all about ME, that I couldn't see past that. It reminds me of my sister whom I needed badly when my 3rd baby was in the nicu. The spirit told her go see your sister and guess what she did? She listened and I really needed it at the time. I haven't been listening well to the spirit obviously. This is not just with this instance. I have done this since we moved here. For some reason I have made excuses for getting close to people(I think because they are all so screwed up). Oh I am tired, or I am so busy, or if I call her I will be on the phone for days because they love to chat. People need people and I have not been there for people lately. That is an embarrassing thing to admit. This is my new goal. To pay attention to people again and listen when the spirit may be trying to pierce through all the other thoughts that I may be having at the time.


Nikki said...

First of all, give yourself a break. Try to focus on the fact that your secretary felt comfortable enough to open up and tell you about her struggles. That right there says a lot about the kind of relationship you have within your presidency. Secondly, it is so good to get to hear from you. I am happy to know we can keep in touch on a more regular basis. You have a beautiful family, its so good to know you all are doing well. Also, I love your hair!


Leighanna said...

Hey Dana- Just commenting back on the comment you left on my blog. Yup, I am still roaming the earth - just been lazy, tired and busy lately. I just looked at my schedule this week and I can't believe everything on it. Ugh. Anyways - Yeah, both girls in the picture were actually at my wedding. Good memory - yeah, Preeti was one of my bridesmaids!!! She was the one I went to see and Dawnie came to see her too. It was fun.

Sydney said...

Oh yes, you do have a talent in comforting people. But pregnancy lends itself to being self absorbed - you'll get back to your old self in about 3 months. I love you. Mom