Sunday, January 6, 2008

The innocence is gone

First of all I must say I need to be a little secretive because I have little ones all around. So here is how the conversation went. Mom, I know that (the little fairy who brings money for little white things under pillows) is not real. Oh honey what makes you say that? Well Daniel got the same exact quarters that had been on your dresser earlier. I couldn't even hide my little smile. I tried my hardest. So I said honey how do you feel about that. I don't care- its cool. Then he proceeds it with then that must mean that the (jolly old man who comes down chimney's ) is not real either. I said why would you say that. He proceeds to give me reasons that disprove him. Including I had the same candy that he gave them that one special night of the year. I said tell me how you feel about that? He said I have been wondering for a while about that whole thing. I makes sense to me now. I proceeded to tell him that all those things would still happen for him as long as he told no one of what he discovered. We have entered a new frontier. It makes me a little sad because that truly means that my little boy is growing up. Growing up? means that he comes out of the bathroom with his hair spiked up in this weird Mohawk due for church. Growing up? means that he must takes regular showers and apply deodorant so as to not gross us all out. Growing up? means that he asks us for a cell phone all the time(as I laugh with hysteria at the thought) Growing up? means that he wants to listen to music all the time. Its sad but it also means so many other things that we have not experienced. Seeing my son pass the sacrament, seeing my son do baptisms for the dead, seeing my son serve in the church in ways that not only makes us his parents happy but Heavenly Father beam with such pleasure. Its such a big deal to be parents to these spirits. Its our responsibility to teach them. I just pray that we can do the job that the Lord entrusted us with. I often wonder when I am fed up with the house being a mess, the kids fighting, and the phone ringing all at the same time.


The Longnecker Zoo said...

We had a father bless the sacrament yesterday for the first time with his freshly turned 16 year old son. They got up and bore their testimonies about how wonderful it was and how there were no news cameras or reporters to tell of such a wonderful thing. The most important things on this earth that happen are the quiet things such as that. Yes, Aaron is growing up. That is what we were sent here to do, to learn and grow and improve daily. He is a good boy and WILL make your heart swell with pride with what he will do. It is bitter-sweet when our babies grown and do/learn more things. Kiss him for me and tell him how much I love him!!!!

Sydney said...

Your title to that is appropiate but also an exciting new stage in his life and you get to watch him grow into a man. Enjoy it.