Saturday, January 5, 2008

What's up with this??

Okay we get back from Christmas vacation and we find that our tv is not working. Tom was up late gooffying around and after being in bed for about 2 hours he comes upstairs and asks me if the kids had moved the trampoline into the grass before we left? What? What? Still half asleep I didn't understand why he was asking such a question. He proceeds to tell me that the trampoline is right up against the house and the satellite dish has been bend in half and that is why the tv had not worked that night. I just chalked it up to lots of storms that we had been having. Luckily it was only a little amount to get it replaced but still that is not money that we planned on spending. So this is our guess. We have really pissed of a girl across the street. She is the one that I emailed about asked what to do. She often times is on drugs and such and is suppose to be taking care of her 5 year old brother. They had a big party the same night that my neighbors dogs were going crazy barking at our fence. So we suspect she came over and jumped on the trampoline and hung off the dish. We don't know for sure but regardless, who in their right mind would do something like this? I was not brought up this way and I'll tell you what if I knew for sure that really happened. OOOOWWWeEEEEE We filed a police report just for the simple fact that there have been some other strange things that have happened around here and we want to document everything. We are now locking our car doors on a regular basis because who knows what could happen with them and these weird people around here.
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Sydney said...

Holy Cow - are you sure the boys didn't do it? Man alive I'd say you need to take more precautions with the nut across the street.